SPACE HOGS: NYPD Cops Seize Clinton Hill Playground — Again!

The scene on Sunday in Classon Playground as cops filled the play area with their cars — and secured it with a chain (inset bottom left) while leaving their designated parking area (top left) empty. Photos: Gersh Kuntzman

Kids in Clinton Hill were unable to take advantage of an unseasonably warm January weekend because officers from the NYPD's 88th Precinct had once again used the Classon Playground to park their personal vehicles.

It's not the first time cops at the Classon Street command had taken over two large park spaces and turned them into parking spaces for themselves. During the first year of the Covid pandemic, cops frequently parked on what is Parks Department land, blocking access to basketball hoops in the densely populated neighborhood.

They were back without warning on Saturday and Sunday.

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