JESSICA GONZÁLEZ-ROJAS: Why I Support a Linear Park in Jackson Heights

Assembly Member Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas supports turning the 34th Avenue open street into a park. File photo: Clarence Eckerson Jr.

Advocates and residents of Jackson Heights and Corona who benefit from the 34th Avenue open street have a petition calling for converting 34th Avenue from 69th Street to Junction Boulevard into a linear park rooted in a vision of equity for our communities. And I endorse that vision, says Assembly Member Jessica González-Rojas.

Access to parkland in a diverse community starved for open and green space is a matter of both racial and environmental justice, but we can remedy this. Some buildings have their own private green space, but they are often found in the wealthier parts of our communities. To be clear: all of us — not just a few of us — deserve access to the benefits of green space.

After a year of loss, we must bring new life to our neighborhoods. A linear park is one way to do that.

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