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Today's Headlines

Wednesday’s Headlines: Now Come the Lawsuits Edition

Comptroller Brad Lander and a band of legal eagles will announce a lawsuit today to save congestion pricing. Plus other news (including Joey Chestnut!).

Queens Residents Rally Against Hochul’s Congestion Pricing Flip Flop 

Protesters in Queens scoffed at Hochul’s claims that congestion pricing would hurt working class New Yorkers and businesses.

Brooklyn Man Dies 12 Years After Hit-and-Run Crash That Confined Him to a Hospital Bed

The driver fled the scene of crash in 2012 and was never caught by police.

The Big Story

Pickleball, Dog Run Coming To Plaza Under Brooklyn Bridge

The lots sandwiching the Brooklyn Bridge will reopen for the first time in 15 years.

Komanoff: Actually, Small Businesses Stand to Benefit from Congestion Pricing

There may be no more pernicious fabulation than that small businesses in the congestion zone will suffer when fewer motorists drive in. Let's debunk.

Queens Pol: DOT Needs to Solve ‘Moped Crisis’ in Paseo Park

Residents fear mopeds on the "gold standard" open street — and the local Council member is focused on a better design.

Hochul’s Congestion Pricing ‘Pause’ Lets Drivers Off the Hook and Riders Holding the Bag

Hochul's decision not to toll disproportionately wealthy drivers means fare hikes and service cuts for disproportionately working class subway and bus riders.

Hochul Ditches $10K Car Dealer Fundraiser Amid Congestion Pricing Uproar

The Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association was slated to host a $10,000-a-ticket reception for the governor.

In case you missed it

‘Late’ Island Rail Road: LIRR On-Time Stats Obscure Rider Fury at Thousands of Blown Connections

Late trains leave riders little time to make connections scheduled as tight as 4 minutes apart.

Hochul’s Congestion Pricing Reversal Won’t Win Democrats Any Votes in November

Hochul left billions of dollars and massive drop in congestion on the table with no guarantee of quieting congestion toll opponents ahead of November's election, according to political insiders.

OUTRAGE: ‘Spineless’ Hochul’s Surrender on Congestion Pricing Feeds the Trolls

By channeling the very rhetoric of the toll's car-centric opponents, the governor has undermined her stated goal of improving the city.

INSIDE THE MTA: Hochul’s Congestion Pricing U-Turn Leaves Transit Agency ‘Dejected,’ ‘Shellshocked’

“It’s fucked up what she’s doing to New Yorkers," remarked one MTA employee. But the problem is deeper than just anger.

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Prior stories

Monday’s Headlines: Protest Season Begins Edition

There were two protests over the weekend and three more are coming. Hide in the diner, Congestion Kathy! Plus other news.

Zoomers Drive Less — But That Won’t Fix America’s Transportation Culture

Young Americans are getting fewer licenses — but it doesn't mean they're driving fewer miles.

Hochul’s Bid to Stop Congestion Pricing Might Be Illegal

But she may be off the hook because the feds have still not undertaken what would have been the final bureaucratic step.

11th Bike Rider of the Year Killed on Congested 11th Ave.

It's a congested area that won't see any traffic relief due to Gov. Hochul's abandonment of congestion pricing.


Car Crashes by City Workers Cost Taxpayers $180M in Payouts Last Year: Report

A record number of victims of crashes involving city employees in city-owned cars filed claims in fiscal year 2023 — and settlements with victims have jumped 23 percent, a new report shows.

GHOST TAGS: Inside NYC’s Black Market for Temporary License Plates

Read all three parts of Jesse Coburn's award-winning investigation.

‘A Very Dangerous Job’: Dozens of NYC School Crossing Guards Injured by Drivers Since 2012, Records Show

As thousands of guards returned to street corners across the city last week for the reopening of public schools, records obtained by Streetsblog reveal the dangers that guards face on the job.

Komanoff: For Congestion Pricing, I’ll Eat Crow

Our congestion pricing columnist backed an opponent to his Assembly member in 2022 — but now he's making a heartfelt plea for her to do the right thing.

Two Assembly Pols: Congestion Pricing is Good Policy — Democrats Should Embrace It

Let’s be clear: the Governor’s announcement to “indefinitely delay implementation” is effectively a cancellation of congestion pricing.

Friday’s Headlines: Taking Its Toll Edition

Congestion pricing still dominated the news cycle as confusion reigned.

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Congestion Pricing

Reporter’s Notebook: Where Were You The Day Congestion Pricing Died (Maybe)?

Gov. Hochul's gambit has not gone well, with spirits in Albany only buoyed by me, Dave, showing up to the Capitol to crack some jokes and yell.

City Officials Demand Congestion Pricing Despite Eric Adams’s Deference to Hochul

Mayor Adams supports Gov. Hochul for delaying congestion pricing, but top-level appointees in his administration are urgently speaking out in favor of the tolls.

Opinion: Gov. Hochul Risks Handing Donald Trump the Keys To NYC’s Transportation Future

Is this really the way a New York Democrat wants her legacy on transit and climate change to play out?

Two Huge Questions About ‘Gridlock Gov.’ Hochul’s Congestion Pricing Delay

Can she even do this? And does she have a revenue plan? Maybe and no seem to be the answers.