Fact-Check for Fearmongering Pols: E-Bike Riders Cause a Tiny Percentage of Injuries to Peds and Cyclists

A moped rider. File photo: Julianne Cuba

No matter how you slice it, the main danger remains car drivers.

State lawmakers comprise the latest group of myopic would-be reformers who are launching a new war on electric bikes and other micromobility modes, but data newly analyzed by Streetsblog shows that for all the talk that e-bikes and mopeds have unleashed a "bloody battle" on pedestrians, the most-violent, least-efficient, most-terrifying vehicles on the roadways are still cars and trucks by far.

From Jan. 1 through June 25, 2021, there were 3,101 crashes that led to the injury of a pedestrian. Of those crashes, 2,870, or 93 percent, were caused by the driver of a truck, van, SUV, car or other four-plus-wheeled motor vehicle.

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