Brooklyn Pol Blasts NYPD Chief Who Victim-Blamed Woman For Her Own Death

Council Member Mark Treyger, with Rep. Max Rose, at the corner of 86th Street and Bay Parkway on Friday. Photo courtesy of NYC Council, John McCarten

South Brooklyn Council Member Mark Treyger blasted the top cop who victim-blamed the woman that was killed by the driver of a massive sanitation truck on Thursday morning, calling out one of so-called New York’s Finest for turning a blind eye to drivers’ recklessness and instead blaming the woman for her own death.

“I have seen for years the recklessness and irresponsibility of drivers in this industry operating at night with virtually no accountability — blowing through red lights, speeding — so if he saw what I saw, he would think twice before making that statement," the pol said Friday, standing at the corner where Mutell’s body was split in two by the wheels of the massive truck. "I disagree with the chief wholeheartedly."

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