Damn Lies and Statistics: The Numbers Don’t Back Up de Blasio’s Reason for E-Bike Crackdown

Earlier this year, cyclists and advocates rallied against the NYPD crackdown on e-bikers at the Midtown North stationhouse. Photo: Gersh Kuntzman

Now we know why Mayor de Blasio has never provided statistics to back up his contention that e-bikes are so dangerous that they must be confiscated from poor delivery workers: the data simply do not confirm his anecdotal fear-mongering.

According to the city’s NYPD Motor Vehicle Collisions database, just 31 of the reported 45,775 motor vehicle collisions that resulted in injuries last year were caused by e-bikes. That's roughly .07 percent. And e-bikes injured 32 people in all — or just .05 percent of the 61,939 injuries.

In all, 11,115 pedestrians were injured in 2018. Just nine of them were struck and hurt by an e-bike rider, the statistics show. Again, that is a tiny fraction of one percent.

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