SEE IT: Video Shows Bus Driver Killing Citi Bike Rider Dan Hanegby

This is the moment when bus driver Dave Lewis passed too closely to cyclist Dan Hanegby, who had the right of way, killing him.

The bus driver did not slow down. The cyclist did not swerve.

A video showing Coach USA operator Dave Lewis driving his 50,000-pound bus over Citi Bike rider Dan Hanegby bolsters the prosecution case that Lewis was reckless as he tried to pass the cyclist on W. 26th Street on June 12, 2017, knocking him to the ground and killing him.

The video — a key component of Lewis's ongoing trial — was released by the judge on Thursday.

Friday’s Headlines: Day of Outrage Edition


Happy Friday! There is so much to be angry about today. So let’s get to it!

  • The mainstream media widely reported on the city’s plans for fixing the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway before it collapses. But, of course, they all fell for the shiny object that the DOT waved in front of them: The Promenade will have its gorgeous view ruined for a few months! Everyone (the great Greg Mocker at WPIX, NY Post, amNY, Gothamist and even the outstanding Brooklyn Paper) was agape and agog, as my old colleague Cindy Adams used to say. At least Dana Rubinstein at Politico focused some larger issues. But, hello, world! What about the real story: Why are we spending $4 billion to fix a roadway that is used — for free! — by the car-owning minority and trucking companies? They. Should. Pay. What do the rest of us get?
  • There was also a lot of coverage of the ongoing trial of the bus driver who ran over and killed cyclist Dan Hanegby last year — thanks to a judge’s decision to release the video of the moment Dave Lewis killed the Citi Bike rider. (NY Post, Gothamist, even the Daily Mail) The video reminds us that the New York Times’s coverage of the trial — headlined, “Was the Bus Driver to Blame?” — is an outrage. After watching the video, some Metro editor should remove the question marks off of every reporter’s keyboard.
  • More outrage: Bklyner has a great photo of Friday morning’s subway ceiling collapse at the Barclays Center stop. Curbed ran it, too.
  • More car mayhem in Queens (Gothamist) and in Flatlands (NYDN) and in the East Village (NYDN).
  • Vin Barone at amNY followed Streetsblog’s Wednesday story about a radical plan to fix Brooklyn buses, so, um, you’re welcome, I guess. (amNY)
  • I know I tweaked the Brooklyn Paper above, but editor Vince DiMiceli remains a national treasure. The latest example? An election roundup that color-coded the candidates by party (blue for Democrat, red for Republican, etc.) But flip to page three and check out how he dealt with turncoat Democrat Simcha Felder!

Thursday’s Headlines: Judgment Day Edition


A verdict is expected today in the trial of the bus driver who killed cyclist Dan Hanegby — and Streetsblog will be there to wipe that question mark off the New York Times’s headline, “First Fatal Citi Bike Crash: Was the Bus Driver to Blame?” Memo to Metro Desk: Buses have brake pedals, too.

Now, the news:

  • I have to say, this is one of the most depressing and biased news reports I’ve seen in a while. Watch as News12 The Bronx sets up the DOT as a villain for trying to reduce what everyone admits is a dangerous situation on Morris Park Avenue. Then watch as the main opponent in the story complains that the traffic-calming plan would make it more difficult to drive on the street — as he simultaneously complains about a reckless speeder! The entire segment is an object lesson in why local reporters need to spend less time driving around all day and actually consider the needs of all street users.
  • A 3-year-old was badly hurt by a driver in Borough Park. Reason? People drive too fast. (NYDN, NY Post)
  • Who is getting busted for jumping the turnstile? Well, we don’t know because Mayor de Blasio won’t give up the data. So now he’s being sued. (NY Post, NYDN, NYT)
  • The mayor is also going to hear it from Boerum Hill residents at a hearing tonight over his plan to turn the 11-story Brooklyn House of Detention into a 40-story prison skyscraper. (NY Post)
  • Staten Island gets a new bus route. (NY1)
  • Gov. Cuomo hails his controversial Sheridan Expressway plan as it wins federal approval. (amNY)
  • Days after Streetsblog’s story on how the MTA and DOT need to run bigger ferry boats during the L-train shutdown, lo and behold, the agencies will do it! (Brooklyn Paper)
  • Don’t forget to sign the #FixNorthern petition to make the New Boulevard of Death safer. (TransAlt)
  • ICYMI: Assemblyman Robert Carroll (D-Park Slope) and Nick Sifuentes, the executive director of Tri-State Transportation Campaign, take full blame for the decline of the subway — and say they have an idea on how to fix it. But first, Andrew #CuomosMTA has to be honest about what it will cost. (Gotham Gazette)
  • Like everyone else, I saw the video of the driver apparently unscrewing a city parking sign so he wouldn’t get a ticket. I tried and failed to confirm its validity (that didn’t look like a real street sign to me…), but  Gothamist ran with it anyway.
  • And finally, it wouldn’t be the last two days of summer if Empire State Development didn’t officially declare the start of the fall foliage season.

Wednesday’s Headlines: Day of Atonement Edition


Sins? Sure, I have plenty, but there’s too much going on today to sit around atoning for them. So grab your coffee (or a Yom Kippur-approved substitute) and enjoy today’s news:

  • The Daily News editorial board demands that Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza get to the bottom of the school bus mess.
  • After yesterday’s paean to Andrew #StatusCuomo, the Daily News publishes an op-ed by John Raskin and Maritza Silva-Farrell that offers another view of Cuomo’s stewardship of the subway.
  • If you care about all those burned up cars at Kings Plaza, here’s the update. (NY Post, WSJ)
  • The Brooklyn Paper goes where no one else seems to be going: Why so many polling sites in the 46th District in Brooklyn haven’t even reported their results yet — one week after the election!
  • The New York Times still hasn’t removed the question mark from its offensive headline about the trial of a bus driver accused of killing a Citi Bike rider.
  • Who even knew anyone still cared about the Miss Subways contest? Vin Barone has the story for amNY.
  • ICYMI: Politico’s Dana Rubinstein reports that Mayor de Blasio’s BQX “czar” has quit, which makes sense. Rubinstein also has a deep dive on de Blasio’s failed effort to tackle congestion, but it’s only for Politico Pro subscribers.
  • Architecture students offer a new vision for the Sunnyside Yards (hint: it will never get built). (QNS)
  • Friend of Streetsblog Chesney Parks has posted another “cops getting food in bike lanes” video.
  • And, finally, here’s a great video of #CuomosMTA during yesterday’s rain storm. (H/T

Tuesday’s Headlines: Gridlock Alert Starts Early Edition

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I didn’t win an Emmy last night (I know, right?), so I’m starting my Tuesday at DOT headquarters to learn all about the city’s plans for more gridlock alert days! Whoo-hoo. Check back later for a story (or maybe not because it’s in the Times this morning). In any event, now…

The news:

  • I don’t like cars, but even I don’t want to see 100 of them go up in flames at a Brooklyn shopping mall. Which happened yesterday. (NYDN) The good news? The suspect says he’s sorry. (NY Post)
  • Queens parents are dealing with more no-show buses. (NYDN) Mayor de Blasio blames the bus companies. (NY Post)
  • The New York Times headline on Jan Ransom’s coverage the bus driver who killed Citi Bike rider Dan Hanegby is so offensive that I want to cancel my subscription (but I’d miss Krugman). A question mark? A question mark?! The bus driver was, in fact, to blame for one simple reason: There’s a big rectangular pedal next to the accelerator that he failed to press. The driver’s trial is expected to go to the jury on Thursday.
  • Wow, um, this Daily News op-ed saying Andrew #StatusCuomo has “every right to brag” about the subway is, um, wow, er, hard to read as anything but satire. Gothamist had a different, substantially hotter, take.
  • Man, if I worked for “Bridgeblog” instead of “Streetsblog,” I would order up a deep dive into what the hell is happening with the always-broken pedestrian bridge from Columbia Heights to Brooklyn Bridge Park. Fortunately, the Brooklyn Paper is all over the mysterious money pit.
  • Staten Island’s Democratic Congressional candidate Max Rose must have skipped the “win friends” part of the Dale Carnegie book with a new ad targeted at his party colleague Mayor de Blasio. That kind of thing does play well on the Rock. (NY Post)
  • Plenty of people are still complaining about the city and state L-train mitigation plan, but at least a few bus riders in Canarsie will get a new bus line. (Brooklyn Paper)
  • A reporter for Business Insider got rid of her car entirely and is loving life.
  • In case you didn’t get enough of Monday’s subway meltdown, relive it with amNY’s Vin Barone or Gothamist’s John del Signore.
  • NY1 throws some shade on the MTA’s much-hyped Staten Island express bus improvements. And to think, Jimmy Oddo was just coming around on that.

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