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Monday’s Headlines: … And Now a Word From Our Sponsor Edition

12:01 AM EDT on September 2, 2019

See that logo on the top of this post? It's sitting there because the owners of Dutch Kills Centraal, a great bike-friendly restaurant in Long Island City, have joined the fight for livable streets by sponsoring our daily headlines post. So every morning when you get your news, you'll also get a reminder that the restaurant — with a great menu and craft beer list — is offering Streetsblog readers an exclusive deal.

So we thank the restaurant for its support And you'll thank it for its beer-braised pork shank! Head there today — Dutch Kills Centraal, 38-40 29th St. in Long Island City.

OK, enough talk of food. Here's today's news:

    • In another attempt to stoke a bikelash, the Post's Brad Hamilton became the latest columnist at the Tabloid of Record to cherry-pick statistics that suggest that cyclists are the greatest threat to pedestrians rather than advocating what we all want: safer streets for all. Hamilton accurately reports that "Since 2011, bicyclists have injured more than 2,250 pedestrians," but leaves out the key fact: Over that same period, there have been 87,429 pedestrians injured by car drivers (plus more than 34,000 cyclists injured by car drivers). Yes, Brad, seven pedestrians have been killed by cyclists (six confirmed), but drivers have killed 1,081 over the same period, according to city data. On more thing, the classic Post headline — "NYC bicyclists are killing pedestrians and the city won’t stop it" — was never actually backed up. In fact, Hamilton undermined it by citing that cops have issued 10 percent more tickets to cyclists this year than last. And Cuozzo also had another fact-free piece.
    • Meanwhile, Arthur Avenue legend Peter Madonia — who should know better — wrote an anti-bike lane editorial in the Daily News, that was like a trifecta of lies: We're not Amsterdam. My customers need their cars so they can come in from the suburbs to buy olive oil. And this beaut: "The community boards and the local business improvement districts are kept out of the loop with little planning or local input." Madonia certainly knows that every retail strip complains that more bike infrastructure will hurt business — until the infrastructure is installed and business skyrockets from all those cyclists who now feel safe biking over. Also — hello! — since when should the city orient its policies around people who don't live in the city? Any business that doesn't cater to existing residents and changing neighborhoods should, by definition, go out of business. Brian Howald has the perfect takedown.
    • The Uber-owned bike company JUMP is having a hissy fit and pulling out of the Staten Island pilot zone because, the company says, the city won't let it compete against Citi Bike across the other four boroughs (SI Advance). The Uber pullout is especially sad, given that the city hopes to expand bike share to all of Staten Island this year, as Streetsblog reported.
    • BuzzFeed News did the nation a huge public service by pointing out in one big story what Streetsblog has long picked away at: Amazon is responsible for a disproportionate share of death and destruction on America's roadways — and the company continues to avoid responsibility. Caroline O'Donovan and Ken Bensinger's article should be taught in every J-school.
    • We tried to ask Met great Robinson Cano why he gave a Bird scooter to every one of his Amazin' teammates, but he totally blew us off.

If you're back from some vacation, let's get you ready for this week in our "From the Assignment Desk" feature:

    • On Tuesday, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams will host a town hall meeting on placards. Will it be a charade or a serious look at one of the de Blasio administration's greatest failings? Streetsblog did a preview.
    • There will be some movement in the fight by one Central Park West condo board to fight the CPW bike lane, with a hearing on Thursday on one resident's bid to get the suit tossed. Meanwhile, two more building residents came out against the suit.
    • The very last NYC Century ride is on Sunday, Sept. 8. Here's a reminder of why Transportation Alternatives is folding the franchise.

And in the growing ICYMI file:

    • Gothamist joined our campaign to get more bike lanes built so people on two wheels or two feet can use the nice new walking and biking route on the Kosciuszko Bridge.
    • Streetsblog's first editor Aaron Naparstek marked the occasion of our 20,000th post (!) with a great look back ... and forward.
    • Our friends at Treehugger are appalled at BWM's new "invisible" black car.
    • And finally: Ugh! What happened on Friday on Bond Street? Gross! (Viewer discretion advised — but you can't look away!). (Sara Wilkomerson via Twitter). Fortunately, the Sanitation Department cleaned up the mess in less time than it takes to make a coq au vin. (DSNY via Twitter). Unfortunately, the New York Times did not even bother to figure out where the chicken came from in the first place, treating this serious news story as a source of classic Timesian effete ennui.

Our editor, Gersh Kuntzman, will be taking a few days off. Eve Kessler is in charge. Email her at

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