Bus Time Set to Expand to Manhattan This Month; Queens and Brooklyn Next

Coming soon to Manhattan. Photo: ##http://instagram.com/p/fAy0nMIbi9/##secondavesagas/Instagram##

Nearly a year after the Bronx became the second borough to get real-time bus tracking on all its buses, the MTA’s Bus Time program is set to expand to Manhattan this month, according to signs spotted in Manhattan subway stations by Twitter user David Rose and Second Avenue Sagas.

In March, the MTA announced that Bus Time would go live in Manhattan “this year,” followed by Brooklyn, then Queens. The authority said that by April 2014, all five boroughs will have Bus Time. The program, piloted in 2011 on the B63 in Brooklyn and rolled out to Staten Island last year, is a popular feature for the city’s buses, which have struggled with ridership even as the number of subway passengers has soared.

The MTA says it will be making an official announcement about Bus Time’s Manhattan rollout early next week, and that “all five boroughs will be online sometime in the spring 2014.”

  • anon

    Why has this been so slow? Years behind DC, Boston, etc.

  • The MTA fleet is over 5,600 buses in size. No other two operations have that many buses combined.

  • anon

    But why should scale itself be such a barrier? I would guess there’s a very high fixed effort / planning / programming cost to setting up the system and then the marginal effort cost of additional lines is low. So scale might explain a bit of a lag but several years?

  • It is the initial setup that is the major cost…and there have been glitches along the way as well.

  • Pursuant

    This is an incredible game changer for bus ridership. Can’t wait for this.

  • As of this post, BusTime is now live on all Manhattan Division routes. I expect Brooklyn (plus the Q24, Q54, Q55, Q56, Q58, and Q59) to be next to go live. Queens buses – except for transfers from the Bronx and Staten Island – do not yet have the transponders.


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