Eyes on the Street: NYPD Chivalry Is Dead on 34th Street

NYPDBuslane1.jpgThe officers who parked here apparently aren’t the type to help old ladies cross the street. Photo: ddartley/Flickr

Thanks to tipster ddartley for the latest chapter in NYPD’s ongoing mistreatment of bus riders on 34th Street. Yesterday, eight cruisers from northern Queens (precincts 110, 111, 112, 114 and 115) sat parked in the bus lane between Sixth and Seventh Avenues. During evening rush hour. You know, we’re starting to think there may be a pattern here.

This time, the police stepped up their game, blocking the bus stop itself and forcing elderly passengers to disembark in the middle of the street. Since shame can’t keep police from inconveniencing bus passengers, maybe a physically separated busway on 34th will do the trick.

More pics after the jump.

NYPDBuslane2.jpgEight squad cars lined up in front of Macy’s…
NYPDBuslane3.jpg…forcing buses to travel in rush hour traffic. Photos: ddartley/Flickr

  • nygrump

    isn’t this the Atlas Squad – that team of overtime bullies who waste our taxpayers dollars by screaming through midtown blocking traffic but we mustn’t question them because after all it is for our safety and NYPD always knows best. Even when they are raping and robbing and murdering the citizenry. yeah I’m sick of these arrogant fascists. Sorry, but 500,000 frisks is fascism.


    I’m not surprised at all. NYPD folks think they are big shots and can get away with this kind of acts. Wanna know where our tax money is going….just look at the pictures. I’ll bet these morons are shopping at Macy’s too or maybe “taking the stuff” and charging the city for them.

  • MtotheI

    Don’t they need to get a parade permit now?

  • What is it about bus lanes that attract NYPD cruisers? Donuts unfashionable nowadays?

  • Jeffrey J. Early

    Somebody is sending these photos back to the NYPD or DOT with as complaint and not just posting it online and whining, right?

  • jd

    This is called there job stop hating… buses run red lights and cut off cars they can also pull up to a better stop to drop off the lady ever think of that…btw the police cars lined up in this picture are doing a terror dry run incase anything like Sept 11 happens again they have good timing when getting to the situation aka nypd critical response team so next time you want to talk shit actually know what you sayin

  • PaulC

    JD. I understand your appriecation for cops, but please refrain from using the tone and language you did. While I understand this maybe an excercise these officers are conducting, there are lots of times when cops just park their vehicles in bus and bike lane as well as sidewalks with no regard for people, this is not right. Cops in this city feel entitled and that mentality needs to be broken, they’re not above the law or the law for that matter.

  • Jim

    OK next time you or your family calls 911 for an emergency give cops extra time for them to circle the block a couple times to look for a parking spot. Then you’ll bicth and complain about that. People just find a way to complain about everything even when someone getting a ticket for parking in bus stop they complain how can the cops win here

  • Exercise or not (and, jd, are you sure that’s what it is?), why do they always have to park in a bus lane? By parking in a bus lane, they exhibit the attitude that it’s preferable to slow down bus riders rather than other motorists. What sucks about that is that bus riders are doing the world a favor, at least if compared to private motorists.

  • Actually Jim, you’d probably find readers of this site cheering cops if they ticketed people parking in a bus lane.

    But Jim, this “next time you call 911” is the most wrongheaded knee-jerk argument that you unfortunately hear all too often on places like NYPD Rant, and I call b.s. on it. NYPD ought to discipline any of its employees they catch saying it.

  • I disagree with the assumption that cops will stay out of a physically separated bus lane.

  • jd, Jim, there are two general vehicle lanes and one bus lane.

    Why not block 50% of car lanes instead of 100% of bus lanes?

    And this isnt about an emergency. Ten police cars do not respond to an emergency. The cars also look empty. There is no crime happening, they’re just parked there, not doing anything.

    Terrorist drill? What exactly are they practicing? How to drive to an address and park? Good job guys, you made it to 34th street and you successfully parallel parked. Terrorism averted. How about moving along now?

  • Think twice

    I get out of work on Madison Ave typically at around 5ish. As I walk down 34th Street toward Herald Square, every so often, there’s this ‘parade’ of squad cars with lights and sirens going. You’d think there was an armed robbery at Macy’s every day.

    I will not disparage the entire NYPD, but there seems to be this particular coterie of Midtown officers who are pathologically incapable of realizing that they are not above traffic laws.

    I hope the NYCTA and/or NYCDOT pushes Internal Investigations to probe into these guys.

  • apparently, the NYPD has a parade of cop cars with their flashing lights in the herald square area every so often…i guess they like scaring the heck out of tourists

  • Emily Litella

    NYPD can do its practice and drills without interfering with transit operations but chooses not to. I think such arrogance is deliberate. They seem to have a need to constantly assert their authoritah, and their managers must be reinforcing it. They sometimes don’t comport themselves as servants of the civilians that pay their salary. What real effort does police management make to change that?

  • Anyone with a brain should realize that you can complain about a hundred different NYPD practices and still not be disparaging the Department. This is about trying to improve the city.

  • jd

    BTWWWWW its not just your police from midtown doing the terrorist drill…maybe next time when your so caught up in seeing oooeee geez 100 police cars in a bus lane now the bus can’t pull over omg its the end of the world….check the sides of the police cars they are from precints around the five boros they are making sure all the precints have a critical response time to make it to the terror situation.. you people need to seriously stop hating…its getting old.

  • jd, is it “hating,” or is it trying to help transit riders by suggesting that NYPD find some way to do whatever they’re doing?

    Also, they’re all from the same borough, as the second sentence of the post says; that also seems to be the case each time this happens:


  • sorry, should be “some *other* way to do whatever they’re doing”

  • jd

    why don’t you call up commissioner kelly then and the mayor

  • whiskeytango

    I just want to make a comment about the person who said that all the boros need to be up to date on certain situations. This is true as my sister is a PAPD officer and has routine terror training exercises. BUT these $%^& at the 111 couldn’t give a damn about ANYONE. The precinct is in a low crime area of queens and all they do is hand out tix. When an emergency does occur, like when a neighbor of mine was robbed and hogtied to his boiler for 2 DAYS, the precinct actually said (when called about the situation) we’re sorry but that isn’t our priority right now… we’ll send someone over in an hour or two. Tied up for 2 days, no food, water,,, no help from NYC BACON. Not hating on all cops, but 75% of them need to follow the credo on their vehicles… COURTESY(not likely to get), professionalism(only if in a restaurant/bagel store trying to get a free meal), Respect(good luck with that one… see next time if a cop ever greets you with a smile when asking them a ?) Signing off— ashamed of new york’s laziest.

  • Andrew


    You are aware, I hope, that if 100 people need to converge from various points around the city to meet in Midtown Manhattan, there are ways to accomplish that aside from driving 100 cars and parking them in an active bus lane that serves thousands of bus riders per hour.

    Incidentally, isn’t the NYPD setting itself up for an ADA lawsuit here? There’s no possible way for a wheelchair to get on or off of a bus if the bus stops look like this.

  • jd

    its more like 10 i was exaggerating so then mr andrew you call the mayor and tell him I bet he wont give a flying duck. bc hes the one who okay ed the terrorism programs as a long with the police commissioner himself. The police are just following guidelines.

  • jd

    and whiskeytango has no idea what hes talking about bc every precinct has crime and im sure bolier is not on there list of to dos

  • jd

    I don’t even see the problem in this bus stop situation anyway. When I get let off the bus from anywhere in queens or Manhattan the bus never pulls into its bus stop because of a double parked car or truck so now that its just the police who can actually have the right to park there every liberal has something to say about them….. from how they take bribes to how they will there will be a lawsuit bc they are following guidelines you people aren’t even on the topic of the blog anymore.

  • Jd, will you get it through your thick head that this is not about individual officers? Stop crying wolf and save your thin-blue-line language for some time when it’s actually appropriate.

    This is not about “liberals” against “the police.” This is about the decisions that the NYPD brass took with the support of the Commissioner and the Mayor that undermine transit in New York.

    Yes, we also hate it when people park their personal cars in bus stops, but that’s thousands of people making thousands of individual decisions. This is a handful of people making a decision that inconveniences hundreds of others.

    More importantly, the NYPD’s actions set an example. If whoever’s running these drills can decide that bus service is not as important as their non-emergency activity, then thousands of people around the city will decide that stopping their car to buy the Daily News is more important than bus service. Then if the NYPD gives them a ticket they think there’s no principle involved, and it’s all about revenue.

    So yes, we understand that the cops are doing their job. We’re angry at the people who told them that their job is to block bus stops for no good reason. Now would you please lay off?

    Psst… I heard that someone over on FreeRepublic said something about the NYPD that wasn’t so nice. Better go check it out!

  • jd

    why don’t you go hug a tree

  • jd

    and btw those people up there were the ones making it about individual officers so idk what the fuck your talking about

  • Hi

    JD: Why did you bring hugging trees into this conversation? If a police car blocks a bus lane, every bus carrying hundreds of people has to swerve into car lanes, which is a serious safety hazard as well as an inconvenience for the people on the bus. What they are doing is illegal, and they are supposed to be enforcing the law, not breaking it.

  • jd

    you people are insane peace out haters

  • I’m so glad that not every cop has the “with us or against us” mentality that Jd displays in this thread.

  • jd

    haha your funny guess you don’t know any cops do you

  • jd

    btw why you so angry and uptight its only a blog?

  • Emily Litella

    I declare the troll fed! He may now be left alone in a corner all by himself. In future, please do not feed any wildlife that may wander into these hyar quarters.

  • zach

    I like the ADA lawsuit idea.

  • zach

    Maybe the 34th st BID requests the cop cars because tourists like to take photos next to them. Is that what’s happening in the middle picture above? Maybe we can replace the cars with elephants. They would be a bigger tourist draw, and with cops on them they’d probably get through traffic faster than police cars.

  • kaja

    Streetsrage dot org indeed. Y’all are pretty easy to troll, which is sad ’cause you’re completely correct about the cops.

  • jd

    hey emily why can’t I have my own opinion. YOU THA TROLL


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