Eyes on the Street: NYPD Continues to Mistake Bus Lane for Parking


A tipster sends in these shots of police — again — and trucks — again — parked in the 34th Street Select Bus Service lane. Looks like the city’s Botts’ Dots are more soft than barrier.


Where is the outrage from the parking-obsessed media? Oh, right — they’re out chasing the real story.

  • mike

    The irony of these is that these are Traffic Enforcement vehicles!

  • Car Free Nation

    It’s not ironic that they are traffic enforcement vehicles. That’s the problem! If I were chief of police, I would not allow any ticket agents to work out of cars. They should either use bikes or walk. Otherwise, they have too much sympathy for the drivers.

  • J

    Has anyone contacted a newspaper or TV station about this?

  • James

    Infractions like this just go to show that the NYPD is a state within the state and that no effort to make our streets more equitable will work until we are somehow able to force them to get with the program. As a rule, carrots don’t work in this city when it comes to promoting a progressive agenda – only sticks do. Sticks are the NYPD’s province and since our own enforcers are the violators, what can be done? Any ideas? Are there any Streetsbloggers out there who live in this Community District and could place some calls?

  • J. Mork

    What’s the problem? Clearly the Traffic Enforcement officers are preventing everyone else from parking in the bus lane.

  • Ian Turner

    It’s not at all clear to me why NYPD Traffic even needs automobiles. Whenever I see TEAs doing their job, it’s always on foot; what do they actually use these cars for?

  • This is a big reason that cities should be implemented cycle tracks, that are curb separated. Here in Milwaukee I just snapped this photo of a FedEx truck doing the same thing http://www.flickr.com/photos/davereid/2999921531/

  • C

    NYPD TEA: No excuse.

    UPS/Fedex/Package Delivery: Got a better PRACTICAL/implementable solution for them to make deliveries?

  • zach

    Great solution for UPS/Fedex trucks: high priced metered parking. If every block in NYC had a spot or two with meters that needed to be fed every 15 minutes with a new dollar, only UPS, etc would want to use them. The companies would save in the long run by getting fewer tickets.

  • Ken

    Enforcing traffic violations with officers in vehicles is like trying to cure TB by sending in contagious doctors!

  • herenthere

    @zach: Great idea! I,mean, the problem with these bus lanes is that there needs to be curbside parking, for disabled people, deliveries, armored trucks etc. But it has to be limited and non-interfering with the SBS.


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