Asked for His MetroCard, Diaz Goes Berserk

diazgrabpost.jpgRemember when a local "investigative reporter" badgered Lee Sander on how often he takes the train? The Post decided to give the Fare Hike Four and their Senate allies the same treatment, and found all but one of them without a MetroCard.

Regardless, when asked if they use the transit system, most replied in the affirmative. Not so in the case of Ruben Diaz, Sr., who — well, we’ll let him tell you.

"Don’t ask me if I ride or don’t ride. It doesn’t mean anything," said Diaz. "Who rides the subway doesn’t matter. You don’t listen to me. It doesn’t matter who rides the subway. I don’t care who rides the train or who doesn’t ride the train.

"Listen to what I’m saying," he said on a continuing tirade. "English, English, English. I don’t care who rides the train who rides the train or not. Whoever rides the train or whenever they ride the train, I’m offering the best plan."

That plan, one that he said would hit straphangers with only "a 4 percent" fare increase, was slammed by Gov. Paterson, the MTA and transit advocates as having bad math. It would actually carry a 17 percent fare increase, they said.

"I’m here representing a community," Diaz said. "For the community I represent, I’m offering four things: No layoffs, no tolls, no cut of services, and a 4 percent increase of fare."

Asked earlier this week by another reporter about protests in his district — where 67 percent of households don’t own cars — Diaz replied: "The gays demonstrate in front of my office, too. Everyone demonstrates in front of my office! I love those people."

So, people, Diaz loves you, even if you’re one of the "the gays." But he really, really doesn’t care that you ride the train.

  • It’s probably the gays at MTA who are subverting his brilliant plan.

  • mike

    Oh jeez, can this guy be further out of touch with his constituents? How do jokers like these get into office?

  • vnm

    Contact Information for the Hon. Ruben Diaz, Sr.

    District Office
    1733 East 172nd Street
    Bronx, NY 10472
    Tel: (718) 991-3161
    Fax: (718) 991-0309

    Albany Office
    307 Legislative Office Building
    Albany, NY 12247
    Tel: (518) 455-2511
    Fax: (518) 426-6945

  • I bet “the gays” ride the train too, but Diaz doesn’t care about that either.

  • rex

    “I don’t care who rides the train.”

    I guess that says is all. Mr. Diaz, you will find I do care who I vote for.

  • Jaywalker

    “Don’t ask me if I ride or don’t ride. It doesn’t mean anything.”

    WRONG! It means EVERYTHING. How f-@$%!!!! dare you!

  • t

    I wouldn’t get too stuck on the argument that since he doesn’t have a MetroCard or use the subway he can’t possibly feel for the little guy who does. Bloomberg seemed to have no problem introducing congestion pricing even though he probably barely rode the subway before being elected mayor. John Edwards is rich as heck, but poverty is his central issue.

    The problem isn’t that Diaz doesn’t ride the subway. The bigger problem is that Diaz is a jerk. And Albany needs fewer jerks.

  • James

    This guy HAS to go. For so many reasons. What can be done to get this guy voted out of office? I don’t live in his district, but for those familiar with the district, how did someone who is basically a right wing Republican in his views manage to attain office in what has to be an overwhelmingly Democratic part of the city?

  • Steve

    Sadly, though he is bigoted, homophobic, anti-transit and a general @sshole, Diaz keeps getting re-elected. He is a fundamentalist preacher, with Spanish as his primary language, demographics which closely mirror those of his constituents. He has been a Senator since 2002, served on the City Council before that, and was on the Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB, investigating police abuse). He represents one of the very poorest Congressional Districts in the country, yet in his pro-car, anti-transit stance he actively works against the interests of his constituents. As a member of the CCRB he consistently sided with the police, and refused to review any allegations of police violence against gays, lesbians and transexuals. This man is a danger to his constituents and all of the citizens of New York City and State.

  • Niccolo Machiavelli

    I’ve never been a fan of the Republicans but…you have to admit that the level of discourse, peppered though it may have been with self-interested double entendres, was much, much higher in the Bad old Days when Bruno ran the action.

  • tal

    The Republicans were enlightened compared to these clowns. Ruben Diaz is disgusting.


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