With Transit System Crumbling, Fox 5 Zeroes in on Sander’s Shiny Shoes

fox5grab.jpgThe crack news team at Fox 5 has gotten to the root of the MTA’s financial troubles: Chief Lee Sander’s commuting habits.

Watch as "gotcha" guy John Deutzman catches Sander getting a shoe shine (a shoe shine!) at Grand Central after being driven to work in an MTA Police cruiser, then grills the head of the most complex transit system in the United States on how often he rides the train.

Granted, since he is the head of the most complex transit system in the United States, Sander should probably not be caught off guard so easily. Maybe a response explaining the depth of the problem and what it will take to fix it, beyond fare hikes, would be in order — a politically palatable version of: "Look. I don’t think New Yorkers care about my shoe shine. You can be angry with me if you
want. I know that fare hikes are tough to swallow. But if you want to be
outraged, be angry that the Big Three are in the Senate today lobbying for a $25 billion bailout while the MTA and transit systems across the state and the
US are going broke. Be angry that Albany killed congestion pricing. That the city and state stopped paying their fair share to the MTA…," etc.

Still, is this the best the media can do? If so, why not follow Richard Brodsky to work? Or Joan Millman? Or Deborah Glick? Corner one of those guys sitting in traffic and ask them what they plan to do for the transit-riding public now that the service cuts and fare hikes Sander warned of are all but imminent.

Since the craven pols and media clowns are intent on distraction and directing public anger away from where it belongs, maybe MTA improvements in transparency, accounting and messaging are the only means to take these issues away.

  • mike

    These are the same “journalists” that made this piece on the Grand Street bike lane: http://www.myfoxny.com/myfox/pages/News/Detail?contentId=7887058&version=1&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=VSTY&pageId=3.2.1

  • “Corner one of those guys sitting in traffic and ask them what they plan to do for the transit-riding public now that the service cuts and fare hikes Sander warned of are all but imminent.”

    That would be a novelty. Up to now, through-the-windshield interviews have been limited to drivers outraged over congestion pricing.

  • Why isn’t Anthony Weiner outraged over the prospect of a fare hike? He sure was mad about the “tax on working class New Yorkers” presented by East River bridge tolls.

  • t

    Wait. What’s wrong with getting a shoe shine? Spending $5 to make a pair of shoes look new again seems like a good, cheap, environmental choice!

  • According to Zabasearch, John Deutzman lives on 16th St. between 6th and 7th. Fox 5’s studios are on 67th between 2nd and 3rd. So Deutzman lives two blocks from the subway and works two blocks from the subway. Who wants to stake out his house to make sure he’s traveling on the trains from one point to the other?

  • fdr

    Yes, but he lives on the West Side and works on the East Side. That means changing trains and/or walking several blocks. I’ll bet he takes taxis.

  • Actually, fdr, that’s a one-train ride if he takes the F from 16th and 6th to 63rd St. If he’s too lazy to transfer, he could still take one train.

  • Ben, maybe it’s time for Second Ave Sagas to recruit some NYU undergrad intern investigators!

  • That sounds a little stalkeriffic if you ask me. Ridiculing him for ridiculing Sander’s shoeshine seems a perfectly reasonable alternative.

  • Niccolo Machiavelli

    Actually, maybe you could ridicule him for taking the train, given the sponsorship of his “news” show.

  • At least Fox News is also blasting the Big Three auto execs that took privade planes to testify: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,454844,00.html


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