Friday’s Headlines: Time to Cool Off Edition

Our two weeks of daily political coverage ends today with a showdown for Manhattan Senate District 31 featuring former City Council Member Robert Jackson vs. first-term incumbent Marisol Alcantara. Our prior nine debates are archived here,

And now, the news:

  • The big public transit news of the day came courtesy of Andrew #CuomosMTA Cuomo, who announced that he wants Penn Station to work better for commuters and pedestrians. (amNY, NYDN, Curbed, NYP, Commercial Observer)
  • The Daily News endorses Andrew Cuomo with simplistic mockery of opponent Cynthia Nixon as a socialist. Cuomo’s corruption? Yeah, well, sure…but he kept taxes down and built some bridges! Tell it to Sweeney — I ain’t buying.
  • It’s looking worse and worse for State Senate candidate Julia Salazar, but she sounded so great in our candidate questionnaire! (NYT)
  • Remember the Cortlandt Street stop on the 1 train? You will! The Lower Manhattan station, destroyed on 9/11, reopens on Saturday. (NY1)
  • If you have five minutes, why not watch this gorgeous, six-figure budget video by Vox featuring former DOT Commissioner Janette Sadie-Khan recounting the history of bike lanes in New York City. Or you could just read Streetsblog every day.
  • Nicole Gelinas is the latest scooter booster. (Governing)
  • Ever wonder why community boards seem so out of step? A new study provides more material for the term-limit movement: They’re dominated by “men, older residents and homeowners” (but you knew that). (NextCity)
  • Sam Bleiberg tries to bike from Chelsea to Central Park and finds…it’s not that easy. (ChelseaNow)
  • And, finally, sad news out of Corona for anyone who loves fresh Italian mozzarella (amNY) and sad news out of Hollywood for lovers of beefcake (NYT).
  • Larry Littlefield

    What Penn Station needs is many more Citibikes. Especially if the LIRR to Grand Central will take until the year 2525 to complete.

  • KeNYC2030

    Re: Julia Salazar, while the NY Times obsesses over how many times she visited Colombia as a child, Gothamist digs into something that might actually matter to voters:

  • Flakker

    apparently not, since they re-elect him and his son time and time again. He’s corrupt but his corruption is the logical consequence of development being negotiated over rather than a regularized process and Albany constantly interfering in NYC affairs. Salazar doesn’t want to stop any of this, she just wants to NIMBY it up and get more state handouts for her own district, to build “public housing” to which I say good luck executing that plan