Coming Soon: The Broadway You’ve Been Waiting For

bwayredirect.jpgVehicles will be redirected from Broadway to Seventh Avenue, as the orange sticker says, "Starting Sun May 24"

DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan today officially announced that work on new pedestrian spaces at Times and Herald Squares — the "Green Light for Midtown" pilot program — will enter a new phase this Sunday night, when auto traffic will be re-routed to Seventh Avenue. From the DOT press release: 

"Green Light for Midtown will make the street work like it should,"
said Commissioner Sadik-Khan. "For the first time ever, standard grid
intersections will be reconnected in this notoriously gridlocked part
of the City, creating major traffic flow improvements on 6th and 7th

While much has been made of the plan’s expected "major traffic flow improvements," most New Yorkers will enjoy the project for its three-plus acres of car-free space.

Construction is expected to take three months, though a series of public events will be held in the interim.

We’ll have more later.

  • Last night I turned onto Broadway north of Times Square and was extremely surprised and pleased to find myself in a painted/protected lane! I very excitedly snapped a photo of the construction just north of Times Square. Last night around 7pm, vehicular traffic reduced to two lanes was actually moving very smoothly.

    It appears that the stretch from Columbus Circle to Times Square will be the same configuration as the “Broadway Boulevard” south of 42nd Street. As I’m sure many of you know, traffic previously had been VERY fast through here (likely due to the road segment being under capacity), and bike-lane-parking was rampant.

    Beware: the “protected lefts” do not have turn signals yet (ie, aren’t protected) and the painted bike lane ends abruptly around 47th and dumps you into a vehicular lane near the Times Sq “bowtie”.

  • Wow, this might actually be worth a trip to Midtown to check it out when it’s done! I don’t get there very often and I always hated it because the sidewalks were so crowded.

  • It’s fun to log into Streetsblog when the first thing I see is my office building! Especially when it’s good news!

  • J-Uptown

    Also of note, both 7th Ave and Broadway have been repaved. This, in and of itself is a godsend compared to the pothole riddled mess that was both of those roads north of Times Square. I rode down Broadway yesterday, and and the bike lanes weren’t quite finished, forcing me to swerve in and out of traffic lanes. Be careful. Speeds are still high as motorists are starting to avoid Broadway and take 59th to 7th instead.

  • t


  • cindy

    this is awesome. travelling down to the 48th street music shops might not be a day-ruining experience anymore! hell, i might actually head down to times square just to see this pedestrianism in action! i hope this catches on throughout the city.

  • Touting the traffic flow improvements is a great way for JSK to sell this to those who might be inclined to scoff if she were merely to talk about added car-free space.


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