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Welcome to Streetsblog’s New Website!

You can spend all day clicking around on our glistening new website. Get started here!

9:01 AM EDT on June 8, 2023

New and improved!

Hey, 2006 — 2023 called and it finally has a new web design.

That's right, Streetsblog readers, today is the first day of the rest of your digital life, as Streetsblog NYC, Streetsblog USA and all its vaguely affiliated sites transform their outer skin from our beloved-but-outdated 15-year-old template to the clean, fresh, hungry look you see before you today.

First, try to remember the ancient history of just yesterday, when Streetsblog's homepage looked like this:

The old website. Dull!

Now gaze lovingly over our new look:

So many stories! So clean.

We hope you'll take a few minutes to poke around over the next few days to enjoy our new readability, enhanced photo displays, cool pull-quotes and all the stuff you've come to expect from a modern livable cities website (looking at you, Hell Gate!)

"I consider this Christmas in June," Streetsblog NYC Editor Gersh Kuntzman said. "But beyond the gift to our readers, a fresh new website is a great way to display the top-quality (and, lest we forget, award-winning) journalism and analysis that our staff is creating."

We can even do cool pull quotes like this!

The Editors

To us, the most exciting new feature of our homepage is ... well, our homepage! Whereas just yesterday, readers would be greeted with only three stories "above the fold," now we have seven, which means our best and freshest stories won't just fade away, but be there, waiting for you to return throughout the day for another drag from the livable streets pipe.

And notice that just below the top stories, we'll have a panel for our most-recent investigations and deeper dives — stories that we hope you'll set aside for when you have time to really nerd out. Many of these features will be rolling out today, but others will show up in the next few weeks.

Below that is a river of older posts, automatically populated from the previous days.

Our loyal subscribers will also see a new newsletter once a day in their email inboxes. It may look different, but it's the same handy synopsis of all our posts over the previous 24 hours. Sign up simply by providing your email (we do not share your email with anyone and promise not to spam you).

What if we click this button? Do we get another kind of pull quote?

The Editors

You know who else is really going to like our new website? All you potential advertisers out there (looking at you, bike manufacturers and accessory companies) who will now see what a tremendous resource the brand new Streetsblog website could be for getting out the word about your awesome products. Our rates are reasonable — and now your ad will look great!

But for now, just enjoy the new look of Streetsblog — your source for news on the fight for livable streets!

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