Friday’s Headlines: Stay Dry Edition

It's on its way.
It's on its way.

It’s going to be a wet one today (NYDN, NY Post), so why not stay in and catch up on all the amazing, stunning, long-overdue, exciting, exhilarating, vindicating (choose your adjective) coverage that suddenly started popping up in the usually pro-car New York Times.

We mentioned them in yesterday’s headlines, but Aaron Gordon was good enough to tweet them all — Farhad Manjoo’s treatise about the space-clogging, anti-urban qualities of the automobile; Michael Kimmelman’s demand for more bike-friendly policies from car-loving Mayor de Blasio; and an op-ed on how we need to stop building roads — so we decided to plug them (and him) again:


In other news yesterday:

  • Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer is the latest public official to ask why the NYPD has been allowed to seize public space without so much as a hearing (answer: because the NYPD answers to no one) (West Side Rag). Local TV reporter Ali Bauman also weighed in on this ongoing outrage, adding a statement from the NYPD that the roads will remain closed until “there’s no longer a threat.” (CBS2). And we covered the mayor’s cowardice on the issue.
  • We guess that the Wilco concert isn’t happening in Forest Hills Stadium on Aug. 22, huh? Or maybe it is — it’s so hard to tell with this mayor. Parades and street fairs are definitely out, though. (NYDN, NY Post)
  • Leave it to the Post to highlight the two enraged Trumpists (and the Naked Cowboy) who screamed at Mayor de Blasio for painting a Black Lives Matter mural in front of Trump Tower. The Times downplayed the disturbance.


Cyclists and Pedestrians: Fighting Over the Scraps

Cyclists and pedestrians somehow managing to get along with each other in Copenhagen. "Gridlock" Sam Schwartz’s op/ed piece in the Times City section yesterday is generating lots of discussion in the cycling community. Weirdly headlined, "Rolling Thunder," the editorial briefly examines the conflict between cyclists and pedestrians on New York City streets, acknowledges the antipathy that many walkers feel […]