Cyclist Killed in Staten Island — Becomes 16th Victim This Year

The crash site. Photo: Google
The crash site. Photo: Google

A tow truck driver ran over and killed a teen cyclist on Tuesday afternoon in Staten Island — making him the 16th cyclist to die in an already bloody year.

According to the NYPD, the 38-year-old tow truck driver was heading south on Clove Road and 17-year-old Alex Cordero was on a mountain bike was traveling westbound on Castleton Avenue in the West Brighton section of the Rock at around 12:03 p.m. when the two collided. The NYPD did not have any additional details about the crash, except that the driver remained on the scene.

Cordero was taken to Richmond University Hospital, where he died. The truck in question apparently belongs to International Auto Sales, which is near the crash site. The truck has been nabbed by cameras four times since January of this year — twice for running red lights, twice for speeding.

The victim is the 16th cyclist to die in 2019 — making an already deadly year even worse. Last year, 10 cyclists were killed.

Last year, there were nine crashes at the intersection of Clove Road and Castleton Avenue, causing four injuries. In the larger 120th Precinct, which covers the northern part of Staten Island, there were an astonishing 4,410 crashes between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31, resulting in injuries to 47 cyclists, 190 pedestrians and 816 motorists. Three pedestrians and two drivers were killed.

Mayor de Blasio later tweeted his condolences — and used the occasion to mention a forthcoming bicycle safety initiative that he ordered up after the 15th cyclist of the year, Devra Freelander, was killed on July 1.

This story was updated to include the victim’s name. 

  • Voter

    Where’s DOT’s cycling safety action plan? Any statement from the mayor on this tragedy or does he still have his head up us ass in Iowa or South Carolina or wherever?

  • Staten Islander

    Hmm if only the cyclist had been using one of Staten Island’s many on-street protected bike lanes… oh wait…
    Terrible tragedy.
    In a precinct with 47 cyclist, 190 pedestrian, and 816 motorist injuries and 5 deaths per year you’d think the DOT would do something…

  • relevantjeff

    Time to find out if the NYPD’ll still do a ticketing blitz here like always.

  • Biker reg

    The kid went through a red light

  • Biker reg

    How would that prevent the kid today from running a red light and hitting the truck?

  • reader

    the truck has two red light and two school speed camera tickets associated with it so i wouldn’t be so quick to blame a teenager for his own death.

  • Biker reg

    “The boy was riding his green GT mountain bike alongside his brother eastward on Castleton Avenue in West Brighton around noon when he ran a red light at Clove Road, police sources said.
    The teen slammed on his brakes and fell off his bike — then was hit by a 38-year-old driving a flatbed tow truck, sources said.”

  • Pablo Cordero

    This kid was my cousin. He was a great kid. This driver was nabbed 4 TIMES FOR SPEEDING AND RUNNING RED LIGHTS. Think before you blame the kid. My family is devastated. RY

  • Pablo Cordero

    My cousin is dead. Your self righteous indignation doesn’t do a damn thing. Before you point the finger make sure your hands are clean. This driver was nabbed 4 times this year for speeding and running red lights. Maybe it’s best not to point the finger at a young, deceased child, who’s family is grieving while you sit there and play judge Judy.

  • MatthewEH

    And police sources have never proven to be absolutely goddamned wrong in the first hours to days after a crash? Get your head screwed on right, we don’t know what really happened yet

  • MatthewEH

    Pablo, I’m sorry for your loss

  • CalStory

    Education, education, education and training, and that goes for motorists, peds etc.
    The US take the Dutch system but they leave out the most important ingredient in their recipe for successful (and not deadly) cycling=The education!!! Every Dutch person has been educated and trained starting in K with traffic gardens, at 12 yrs old they pass a cycling test on surface streets with both infra and non-infra so they can commute on their own to school etc, when and if they later become motorist they were educated and trained commuting cyclists first and yet the US only takes the infra ingredient and shove it up to people and tell them that’s how it’s done, obviously it is NOT working and these people should be ashamed of themselves!
    The proof is in the training!

  • CalStory

    Sorry for your loss. Demand education like the Dutch do, they don’t just have infra, they have the education from K to make it work and yet they still improve, upgrade their infra year and after and in the US we only get infra without the ed and training and people get killed. That is nonsense!
    Meanwhile we do not have to wait for these people to wake up, I know I don’t and I ride my bike as a bicycle driver, taking the full lane by default, like motorcyclists do when they are serious motorcyclists, by driving/riding full lane you are seen, relevant, you avoid so many conflicts but of course you also obey all rules of the road. It works really well, 8 years here every day in California. Friends don’t let friends ride in the gutter at the mercy of turning traffic and other terrible right hooks and it’s time to be responsible for your own choices too.

  • CalStory

    Meanwhile it’s best to take the lane to be relevant, visible, conspicuous, and not at the mercy of turning traffic etc.
    Take control of your life because for now we are on our own!

  • PotbellyJoe★★★★★

    The police source is the driver of the tow truck.

    Can’t interview a dead cyclist.

    This is why I record front and back. If there worst should ever happen, my family can seek justice.

  • Andrew

    Based on what evidence, exactly?

    How fast was the truck driver going? Was he paying close attention to his surroundings or was he distracted by an electronic device?

  • Pablo Cordero

    Thank you, Sir. I think it’s uncouth for anyone to jump the gun on the issue, especially when the “source” was indeed the driver, who was nabbed for running red lights (which he ironically claims my cousin did, even though he slammed the breaks…so he didn’t run anything, he stopped!), notwithstanding the driver ALSO being nabbed for speeding on that corner…

  • Hi Pablo,
    We are so so sorry to hear about your cousin Alex. Our group, Families for Safe Streets,is comprised of people who have also had loved ones stolen from them, or who’ve been injured, in this awful way. We would love to connect with you and your family. We have a range of support services and encourage your family to check out our online resource guide at Great if you could email with your contact information or give us a call at 646-839-6481. In the meanwhile, please extend our condolences and support to your family. We look forward to connecting with you soon.


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