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  • Larry Littlefield

    It would be nice if 100 of the spaces in that garage went to rental cars/shared cars, for trips out of town. That, and bicycle parking, is what NY needs more of. Not more spaces for people from out of town driving in.

  • Fool

    Ban Police Unions.

  • HamTech87

    Daily News is paywalled. What did the TWU article say?

  • Larry Littlefield

    “The actress-cum-campaigner found herself being chided by workers from Transport Workers Union Local 100. “The subway crisis is real, this ain’t soap opera,” read a sign held by one of the workers.”

    “Nixon shook a few hands with several workers as they stood near her lectern.

    “My overwhelming experience since I’ve started this campaign is that TWU workers are coming up to me, and saying ‘thank you’ for bringing attention to this and the need to actually invest in our trains because the lack of investment, the lack of leadership, is actually making our jobs exponentially harder,” Nixon said.

    “Cuomo’s defenders in the union backed his handling of the MTA.”

    I won’t be voting in the primary, but the article wouldn’t make me want to vote for either.

    When MTA funding was diverted and maintenance cut Nixon and the prior candidate for Governor Teachout were demand more money for SCHOOLs to offset service cuts cause not by actual spending reductions but by rising pensions costs. She seems to forget that.

    Meanwhile, getting raises in exchange for a crisis is what the TWU got from Cuomo. It seems to be something they ought to be celebrating, not commiserating about. I still can’t find data that shows that NYCT employment levels fell more than a tick when maintenance and service did. It may be that productivity actually went down.

  • AnoNYC