Today’s Headlines

  • Senate Will Do Nothing About Klein Misconduct Allegation (NYT; Politico 1, 2NewsPostSpectrum)
  • Climate Change Warrior Bill de Blasio Hasn’t Taken the Subway in a Month (NYT)
  • Johnson Names Committee Chairs — Ydanis Remains on Transportation (Post, News)
  • Civil Rights Group Says Black People More Likely to Be Arrested for Fare Evasion (Bklyn Paper)
  • Christie Not Done Screwing NJ Transit Commuters (NYT)
  • Hit-and-Run Driver Who Killed Jum Sim Yim: I Thought She Was a Chunk of Ice (News)
  • Driver Who Killed Passenger in Manhattan Bridge Crash Indicted for Manslaughter (Post)
  • Missing Stop Sign Blamed for Cambria Heights Collision That Hurt 3 (Post)
  • De Blasio’s Inwood Rezoning Plan Includes Broadway Bridge Rehab (City Limits)
  • Oh Look, the Advance Blamed Car Congestion on People Who Aren’t Driving
  • Because Ice, Slush Pools, and Sidewalk Snow Drifts Are Not Enough … (WNYC)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    This week: two days of great bike commuting, three days of lousy subway commuting, including today.

    I hope the weather will allow a reversal next week. Of the ratio — not hoping for better subway rides.

  • AnoNYC

    I understand that the mayor needs to oftentimes travel to multiple destinations across the city, so I won’t hate on that. It makes sense for the mayor to make a lot of trips via automobile.

    However, he really should take mass transit or bike from the UES to and from work most of the time.

    And he really should switch to a more local gym. That trip doesn’t make any sense to me, especially considering the options on the UES. He could always go back to the old gym when he’s out of office in a few years.

  • JarekFA

    Weather was perfect this morning. Excellent views of the fog from the bridge too.

  • Maggie

    I guess so, but you know who ELSE needs to oftentimes travel to multiple destinations across the city? Literally 8,175,133 residents of New York City.

    Why is the freaking mayor riding once a month (and that was actually a staged photo-op to prove the subway is safe, and New Yorkers, like him, shouldn’t hesitate to rely on it every day).

    It just looks awful. The optics are unflattering, because it seems that he doesn’t actually represent how New York City circulates and thrives (or deteriorates during his tenure).

  • AnoNYC

    Most people are not oftentimes traveling to destinations across the city. Most people travel to and from work (for most, a single destination) on a regular basis, and maybe stop at a few destinations close to work or home. Plenty of New Yorkers rarely leave their borough, and there is a sizeable population that rarely leaves their neighborhood or immediate surrounding areas.

    The mayor is not an ordinary New Yorker.

    But yes, the mayor should use mass transit for most trips to and from work. Biking from time to time would be good as well.

  • JarekFA

    Yah, but he’s abusing that expectation of he needs to go to many places across the city.

    I’m sorry, but when your first public event is in the Bronx and you live in the UES, then you shouldn’t be going to Brooklyn first. It’s an incredible waste of time and resources. How can he say his time is so valuable if he wastes it in traffic. And I’m sorry, this “works in the car,” is such bullshit even with all the aides. I work on billion dollar deals regularly. Only time I take a call from a client or talk on a conference call in the car is when I’m on the way to the airport and those times are less than ideal.

  • bolwerk

    I for one don’t want the mayor on the subway, photo-op or no. It’s a high-profile enough position for that to be disruptive to riders. I mean, I don’t really care much one way or another if he really wants to take the subway, but I wouldn’t expect it of him.

    The civil service and probably even most other elected officials below the rank of governor? At least the ones in NYC should be using mass transit at least at rates similar to everyone else.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Blood donation later. They discourage me biking home afterward. Maybe they should be discouraging getting on the subway! After being crush loaded and forced to stand in place on a non-moving train forever, I might end up a “sick passenger.”

  • kevd

    gotta get my fenders back on…. they make such a difference one wet roads. though rain should be heavy enough tonight that fenders won’t help much.

  • HamTech87

    Please please DOT. Push on past the Broadway Bridge (which really is harrowing) into the Bronx! Let’s get a Protected Bike Lane from the bridge to the one already designed along Van Cortlandt Park to the Yonkers/Westchester border.

  • Joe R.

    Count me as one who rarely leaves my neighborhood, except when going on one of my recreational bike rides. Then I might even leave the city. But yes, the mayor should bike or use mass transit to set an example unless his security issues are as dire as Ferdinand describes. I personally have doubts about that, but then again all it takes is one crazy person getting through his security shield.

  • Vooch


    like high profile people are on the subway all the time.

  • Vooch

    It’s also faster to citibike than be in a 12 SUV convoy

  • Vooch

    Citibike from Gracie to City Hall is only 30-45 mins.

    He would save over an hour each day if he Citibiked to the office

  • AnoNYC

    Cuomo: Congestion pricing proposals likely coming this week

  • Flakker

    as dire as the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, OK. Otherwise, maybe the city shouldn’t pay for constant police presence to idle in SUVs

  • bolwerk

    That’s their right, of course. But it’s not like they put their hands in the mayor’s pocket on the subway, so I don’t see what sunlight we get from having him be a straphanger. More likely you get a security powderkeg, so fuck that.

  • Vooch

    Politicians are just folks, not Oriental Potanates.

  • bolwerk

    But they want to be!