Attention Albany: NYC’s First Traffic Death of 2018 Was a Brutal Hit-and-Run. Do Something.

Jun Sum Yim, 77, was hit in the 109th Precinct, in Flushing. State lawmakers have repeatedly failed to fix laws that give drivers an incentive to flee after a serious crash.

Jun Sum Yim
Jun Sum Yim

NYPD has arrested a Flushing motorist for running over and dragging a senior to her death and fleeing the scene.

Jun Sum Yim, 77, was the first person killed in city traffic in 2018, according to NYPD’s TrafficStat. Yim was crossing Parsons Boulevard near 32nd Avenue just after 7:00 a.m. Wednesday, outside a church where she had attended morning mass, when 58-year-old Geum Min hit her with a Toyota Corolla, according to reports.

WNBC said video showed the perpetrator pulling the victim down the street with the car before driving away.

Yim, who lived near the crash site, was pronounced dead at Flushing Hospital Medical Center. She had four children, according to WNBC, and her husband died about a year ago.

“Imagine your mother, your grandmother, any special person laying on that floor,” Mimi Yim, the victim’s daughter, told WABC. “What would you do?”

Police tracked down Min and arrested her at her home at around 12:30 a.m. today, the Daily News reported. Min was charged with leaving the scene, failure to yield, and failure to exercise due care, reports said. She was not charged for the act of killing Yim.

Relatively weak penalties prescribed by state law give motorists an incentive to flee after a serious crash. Prosecutors have for years urged state legislators to strengthen hit-and-run laws, but Assembly and Senate leaders have never made it a priority. A bill to elevate hit-and-run penalties stalled in committee in both houses in 2017.

Yim was killed in the 109th Precinct, where motorists killed at least four people walking last year, and four pedestrians in 2016, according to crash data tracked by Streetsblog.

In 2015, when drivers killed six pedestrians in the precinct, NYPD conducted a high-profile crackdown on walking. The crackdown was endorsed by local electeds, including Peter Koo, who represents the City Council district where yesterday’s fatal crash occurred.

A driver who failed to yield killed 3-year-old Allison Liao in a crosswalk in the 109th Precinct in 2013.

On an average day last year, officers in the 109th Precinct ticketed three drivers for failing to yield to pedestrians and issued between two and three speeding summonses.

  • Simon Phearson

    Elevating hit and run penalties is not enough. This is timid shit.

    No, we need the NYPD to charge these drivers with actually killing people with their vehicles. That’s what we need Albany to be focusing on.

  • Brad Aaron

    The goal is to put the felony/penalty for fatal hit-and-run on par with manslaughter.

    Agree that NYPD and the DAs should also be charging hit-and-run drivers for killing people, which is why we point it out when they don’t. But I don’t see how Albany can force that.

  • Jeudy Grullon

    A GoFundMe page has been created to help cover the costs of Mrs Yim’s burial. We appreciate everyone’s support and prayers.

  • joyauto

    It’s all about the money, people. Crashes are good; they create jobs, income AND tax revenue for the State. Crashing is a business. Why would the State want to kill that industry and dry up all that tax money? They don’t! that’s why it’s legal to kill with a car!! Read my book: “What You Don’t Know About Driving Can Get You Killed” on


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