Postal Truck Driver Kills 83-Year-Old Man on Amsterdam and 95th


A postal truck driver struck and killed an 83-year-old man on Amsterdam Avenue and 95th Street at around 6:00 a.m. this morning.

The victim was crossing Amsterdam Avenue west to east in the north crosswalk when he was struck by the truck driver traveling north in the right lane, according to NYPD’s public information office. He was knocked to the ground, sustained head trauma, and was declared dead at St. Luke’s.

NYPD has yet to determine who had the right-of-way and the crash is still under investigation.

The fact that the victim was struck on the far side of the intersection suggests the signal may have changed while he was in the process of crossing the street. While Amsterdam Avenue has a protected bike lane at this intersection, there is no pedestrian refuge in the north crosswalk.

We’ll update this story as more information becomes available.

  • NYCyclist

    What a tragedy. And for some reason, DOT didn’t put in a pedestrian island next to the separated bike lane (which in the pic features an illegally parked SUV), like they’ve done at some intersections along Amsterdam. They are sorely needed at every intersection, especially this one, because it is the rare intersection where W95th dead-ends from both sides. That is, traffic heads east from Broadway, but west from Columbus. >||<

  • walks bikes drives

    Add in the people block the bike lane who either 1) work for the Halal Guys or 2) are going to Halal Guys.

    Then, since both directions come together, a car continuing east must make the left onto Amsterdam to make the right on 96. Dealing with the cross traffic of a car continuing west which makes a right on Amsterdam to make a left on 96,a crossing each other, and then they have to pay attention to pedestrians who have to be attentive to vehicles coming from two directions instead of just one.

  • walks bikes drives

    Oh, I should also mention: I asked the installation crew when they had moved past 95 why they didn’t put an island on that corner. They said they expected it to be done this year. So far they were only installing about half the islands. We’ll see if that actually happens.