Today’s Headlines

  • As More Riders Cram Onto Subways, the Less Satisfied They Are With Service (News, AMNY)
  • Crowding Delayed More Than 20,000 Trains in September (AMNY)
  • It Shouldn’t Take 50 Years to Install a Modern Signal System on the Subways (Politico)
  • Driver Kills 70-Year-Old Woman Near Her Home in Cypress Hills; No Charges (NewsPost)
  • Stunner: Storing Cars Matters More to Queens Community Board Bigs Than Housing People (Politico)
  • What Queens Commuters Will Get From Move NY Toll Reform (MTR)
  • Will the MTA Buy Buses With Smaller Blind Spots for Turning Drivers? (WNYC)
  • Levine to MTA: Opening Shuttered Subway Entrances Will Be Good for Business (Crain’s)
  • MTA Board Member Allen Cappelli All for Lower Commuter Railroad Fares for NYC Residents (News)
  • The Times Isn’t Impressed By Congress’s Transportation Bill
  • Damned Bike Lanes (Gothamist)

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  • kevd

    That Dolores Orr, a community board member, is unaware that an MTA bus runs the entire length of the Rockaway peninsula, should come as no surprise.
    It is called the Q22, Dolores. Perhaps it isn’t convenient for you, perhaps you’d prefer to drive, but the fact that you don’t know it exists shows you’re pretty disconnected from the reality that a huge percentage of NYers and Rockaway residents live.

  • sbauman

    “Based on RPA estimates, it costs about $810,000 to add communications-based train control per mile of subway route. “

    That’s one reason it’s taking so long. :=)

    The latest contract for CBTC installation is along the Queens Blv Line from Union Tpk to the 50th St Stations on the 6th and 8th Ave Lines. That’s approximately 12 route miles and 48 track miles. According to the RPA estimate that contract should come around $9.72 million or $38.88 million, if the RPA was counting route or track miles.

    The MTA just awarded the contract for $205.8 million. That’s $17.15 million or $4.29 million per route or track mile respectively.

    It’s not that the MTA is profligate with capital funds (in this instance). The RPA’s estimate is way off base. The Paris Metro installations were closer to the just awarded contract than they were to the RPA’s estimate.

    “That’s about half of one percent of a line’s construction costs. Doesn’t it make sense to spend 0.5 percent of a line’s cost in improvements…”

    It appears the author swallowed the RPA’s estimate hook, line and sinker. He should have been bothered by the contradiction of the necessity of relieving the Lex by building a Second Ave Subway. CBTC on the Lex should cure all its ill for pennies on the dollar. :=)

  • Maggie

    I know you’re limited on headlines to go into the stack, but two articles I’m surprised aren’t here today: the Red Hook cyclist in critical condition after Parks dropped a tree on him; and the NY Mag article about a full facial transplant performed with an organ donation from a Brooklyn cyclist. Rest in peace to Mr Radebaugh… a sad death. Is there any update on the pedestrian injured in that collision?

  • Matthias


  • Larry Littlefield

    Assuming mainline signals on Lexington Avenue are the only capacity constraint. Not terminal capacity or the junction east of Franklin Avenue.