Today’s Headlines

  • Queens Council Members Back Woodhaven BRT: More Coverage From NY1AMNYTL
  • Manhattan CB 7 Members See Car-Free Central Park as a Way to Ease Bike/Ped Conflicts (DNA)
  • Meanwhile, the Only Solution in the New York Post Is to Demonize Cyclists (1, 2)
  • Hit-and-Run Driver Injures 93-Year-Old Man; Arrested for DWI and Suspended License (NY1)
  • Police Arrest Wrong-Way Dollar Van Driver After He Injures Officers (Bklyn Daily)
  • Cy Vance: Mechanical Problem to Blame for Times Square Tour Bus That Jumped Curb (NY1, WCBS)
  • Harlem Residents Worried About Dangerous Traffic, Lack of Enforcement on 125th Street (Uptowner)
  • More Coverage of DiNapoli’s Warning About MTA Capital Program Debt (News, Post, WNYC, CapNY)
  • AT&T Competition Yields Apps for Drowsy Drivers, “Distracted” Walkers (WPIX, WCBS)
  • Broken Windows: Traffic Stop Leads to Queens Village Drug Bust (NY1, Post)
  • A Trip Down Prince Street Shows DOT “Safety Managers” Useless for Actual Street Safety (Bklyn Spoke)

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  • Adrian

    I love that comment re bikes in the Post article “They’re like cars, only worse”. Just genius.

  • Greg

    Re: the curb-jumping bus: why don’t we have metal bollards lining all curb lines so vehicles can’t physically jump into sidewalks, period? Fine – it was mechanical failure – the driver was cleared. That just means the driver shouldn’t suffer criminal consequences – not that this incident doesn’t represent a serious safety issue. It still needs to be investigated and learned from so it doesn’t happen again, and this seems like (yet another) incident that supports the idea of bollards. Why aren’t they deployed everywhere?

  • Joe R.

    Good question. I agree-every sidewalk with even a medium amount of pedestrian traffic should be lined with bollards. It would be nice if we could depend upon drivers not to end up on the sidewalk but apparently we can’t. The next best thing then is physical protection.

    As a bonus, the bollards would keep the NYPD from parking on the sidewalks.

  • dporpentine

    Is there any social problem that demonizing cyclists doesn’t work for? Traffic violence, gentrification–you name it, cycling is behind it.

  • BBnet3000

    Bollards are not cheap and having them would prevent other sidewalk amenities from being installed.

  • Bollards may not be cheap, but their cost could be offset by savings in emergency responses and human lives.

    Having nothing for a physical barrier between a rapidly moving vehicles and pedestrians on sidewalks but a four to six inch curb seem inadequate to me.

  • Greg

    How expensive are they compared to, say, traffic lights or walk signals or all the other heavy infrastructure we have on every street? I’m skeptical about the cost claims – especially when balanced against the costs of accidents and their aftermath.

    What amenities would they prevent? I’m really not seeing any strong argument against them, here.

  • Mike

    I’d rather start with bollards to protect bike lanes.

  • Bolwerk

    Now Bratton just needs to direct broken windows at his department.

  • JamesR

    I love how the Post uses a photo of another black cyclist above their lede for the story on rampaging bikes in Central Park. Considering their coverage of the recent high profile collision and now this, I’ve gotta ask – am I just seeing things, or is this an attempt to create some kind of meme about ‘dangerous black cyclists (“them”) running over middle class-ish looking white women (“us?)

    Because if it is, then I’m utterly disgusted. But then again, it is the Post.

  • Bolwerk

    It’s more likely just their own confirmation bias about blacks getting in trouble with the police, if it’s anything at all. Overall, I would think even the Archie Bunker demographic probably associates cycling with latte-sipping libruls who come in from Vermont and corn country.

  • Tyson White

    The curb jumping double-decker bus driver is now a “hero”. Geez!