Today’s Headlines

  • James Neverson, 63, Killed Walking to Work; Driver Unlikely to Face Charges (DNA, Post, News)
  • Man Steals Hummer, Crashes Into Cars, Restaurant in Chelsea, Injuring 8 (NY1, Gothamist, DNA, News)
  • Port Authority Appeals Court Decision; Refuses to Release Study on Negative Impact of Truck Tolls (NY1)
  • Red Light Camera Revenue Down 33 Percent; City Officials: Cams Are Doing Their Job (NY1)
  • Overhead Catenary Wire Failure During Storm Strands Thousands on Metro North (WSJ)
  • City Politicians Push for Law Change So More Subway Sexual Harassers Get Prosecuted (News)
  • Putnam County State Sen. Greg Ball Proposes Public-Private Partnership for TZB (LoHud)
  • Cuomo’s Next Budget: Expect Zero Budget Increases, Except Schools and Medicaid (Times Union)
  • East Village Is Home to NYC’s First Bike-Friendly Business District (Bowery Boogie, Animal)
  • MTA Toll and Fare Hikes Would Include Cash-Paying Bridge and Tunnel Drivers, Too (News)
  • Joe Lhota Proposes Fewer MTA Board Meetings, New Semiannual Online Forum  (SAS, CapNY)

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  • cycler

    I”m surprised that you missed the story that Lindsey Lohan was charged with hit and run for striking a pedestrian while parking and leaving the scene?  I believe it happened last night.
    Between her and Amanda Bynes, there has been a lot of celebrities driving badly without any repercussions- sets an unfortunate example.

  • kevd

    “Was charged with hit and run” does not sound like no repercussions to me….

  • Bolwerk

    Apparently it’s finallynews when they arrest you, @5cc117fda3b01c063927bbed7145439c:disqus! (Or if you’re Lindsay Lohan.)

  • Larry Littlefield

    Again, thing about the state budget.  Every state function except Medicaid and school aid is being cut by 2 1/2 percent relative to inflation.

    Why?  We’ve recovered the jobs lost in the recession.  The stock market is at a high (and overpriced level.  We have a very high tax burden compared with income.

    The money is being sucked into the past by those who grabbed it then.  Lots of them are still around.  They should be held accountable.

  • A. Browne

    The Daily News scoured the country in search of another runner hit by a cyclist in Central Park.

  • Anonymous

    It’s interesting to see that with the Lohan crash, the wording used by the Daily News is “Lindsay Lohan was arrested early Wednesday in New York after hitting a pedestrian with a Porsche,” i.e. the driver is portrayed as the one taking the action, as opposed to the story story linked at the top of Today’s Headlines, where the News writes “A veteran MTA bus driver was killed Tuesday morning when he was struck
    by a car as he headed to work at an East New York bus depot”.  I’m not sure whether to attribute the difference to the fact that Lohan is a celebrity or the fact that she left the scene.  (The guy who stole and crashed the Hummer is also portrayed as the actor in those stories, but there are plenty of cases of leaving the scene where the victim is described as being hit by a car rather than by the driver.)

  • Anonymous

    Greg Ball’s TZ proposal, for a public-private partnership, misses the point.  The problem is that the numbers don’t add up.

    If I were a union member, and I heard my pension was going to be invested in the TZ Bridge Boondoggle, I’d be screaming for the scalp of my union rep.  Every construction union member should ask: How come all those smart guys on Wall Street don’t want a piece of this action?

  • Joe R.

    Regarding the Lindsay Lohan crash and bad celebrity driving in general, we need to acknowledge that these celebrities don’t need to drive at all, or to even have a driver’s license. They can and should pay someone to chauffeur them around (or just walk/bike/take public transit). It’s obvious most of them are not very good at driving, so why do they continue to drive? For that matter, why don’t we permanently revoke the licenses for all drivers (including celebrities) who demonstrate that they can’t competently operate a motor vehicle? That’s the bigger problem here-lax licensing requirements which let anyone with a pulse behind the wheel.

  • Every red light camera I’ve seen was pointed the wrong way – they’re very easy to manipulate and drivers just turn them away from the intersection – it would be nice to know what percentage of redlight cameras are in working order and facing the right way.