Eyes on the Street: Cabs Collide on Central Park’s West Drive

Cab_crash_0001.jpgPhotos: Ken Coughlin

Streetsblog contributor Ken Coughlin snapped these shots of a rear-end collision between a yellow taxi and a livery cab in Central Park. The crash happened on West Drive at about 10 a.m. Wednesday.

Fortunately, no cyclists or runners or moms with kids were involved, but as long as the city’s most iconic public space remains open as a motor vehicle thruway, people who use it will always have to worry about the next driver coming up behind them. Odds are one in four of those drivers is speeding by at least 10 mph. And if one of those speeders hits someone, the chance of death resulting from the collision is at least 85 percent.

  • Thought it doesn’t really matter, this crash probably occurred around shortly after 8:00, since police were already out in full force at 8:21 when I passed by. That woudl make sense, as in my expereince the cars that first enter the park at 8:00 a.m. tend to speed even more than normal for the loop.

    After continuing on past this spot, I noticed that the traffic lights on the loop were malfunctioning at the Columbus Circle and 7th Avenue crosswalks. A malfunctioning light may have contributed to this crash.

  • Thanks BO. The pics were taken around 10:00. Shoulda been clearer on that.

  • momos

    Brad, so glad you highlight the chance of death if one of those speeders hits one of the thousands of park users.

    How nuts is it that New Yorkers accept such risk within the boundaries of the city’s premier recreational public space? According to the Central Park Wikipedia page, which cites the Trust for Public Spaces, Central Park is the most-visited park in country.

    We are WAY PAST due banning cars from it.

  • JamesR

    What the hell? They shouldn’t even be in Central Park to begin with, and now they’re slamming into one another? Absolutely batshit.

  • I’m riding an hour earlier tomorrow so I don’t have to deal with cars on the loop. Such BS to allow them still.

    Is this really all up to Bloomberg/JSK? If so, any blood spilled on the loop from cars is on their hands.

  • Ken Coughlin

    Yes, it’s up to them. I see DOT has set down some traffic counters at least at park’s north end, so they’re measuring something, probably in anticipation of doing something. Call me crazy, but my fantasy is that they are trying to determine, once and for all, whether the drives can be made safe for the park’s intended users.


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