Save a Dime, Get Home on Time: Ride a Ranger


Amidst the recent barrage of generally crappy bike-related news, here’s some inspiring fare: early 20th century catalogue copy from the Chicago-based Mead Bicycle Company, which reminds that the pleasures and benefits derived from human-powered transport are as varied as they are timeless. Here’s a taste:

If you work in a city, ride to work and home again on a bicycle! Don’t stay indoors so much of the time — keep outside more and you’ll be happier and your brain will be clearer. You can think better. Worries, the "blues," etc., will vanish. You must be healthy to be happy. A bicycle will give you a store of health, and enable you to face life’s battles with strength, courage, confidence, and enthusiasm.

You can find the actual catalogue page here. Find out more about Mead, once famous for its mail-order "Ranger" line, here and here. Enjoy. 



Bicycle Anecdotes From Amsterdam

Here we present our final — and most informative — Streetfilm from Amsterdam. It provides a nice cross-section of commentary on life in the City of Bikes. If you’d like to skip directly to a certain section, use this table of contents: 0:17 Rejecting the Automobile 2:15 A bike system that works for everyone 4:05 There’s a science to […]