Uptown Hudson River Greenway Detour in Effect

greenwaygrab2.jpgA temporary detour along the Hudson River Greenway in Washington Heights went into effect Thursday.

The closure, related to work on the George Washington Bridge, will reroute cyclists to Broadway and Ft. Washington Avenue between 158th and 181st Streets. According to a Port Authority flier [PDF], pedestrians may access the park and riverfront through the tunnel at 172nd Street.

Interruptions are to occur on a "periodic" basis until December 31, "typically" from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

  • snark

    that ped access point is NOT at 172nd

  • LN

    Example of DOT detour planning: Sign at end of west 158th says: Cyclists should detour to ramp to get to greenway, next sign at entrance of ramp says cyclists must dismount and walk bike on ramp.

    Take the access road to get to and from the greenway, that’s what I do everyday.

    good luck getting across the highway at 172nd street, you have to cross several on off ramps to the gw bridge and then you cant get further east than riverside drive unless you walk down to 165th street.

  • I’m not entirely sure what they mean by “the tunnel at 172nd Street” Could that be the path that starts along an exit ramp and eventually makes its way across the AMTRAK bridge and down to the restrooms? I think there may be a tunnel involved, briefly, between the stairs and the bridge, but I certainly wouldn’t describe it as such.

    Lets just hope this gets done “on schedule.” It’s already been postponed a month or two and now that we’re getting into winter the weather is much less predictable. When I was up there earlier this week the entire area around the lighthouse was a muddy mess.

  • @Stacy even on the asphalt path?

  • PayingItNow

    This detour is just stupid. There’s no way it saves any time, effort, or hazard over 181st -> Ft. Wash. ->165th ->RSD, and then staying on RSD until ca. 96th St. There are various ways to get down to the path between 158 and 96, but all of them involve zig-zagging and climbing, and are a nightmare after dark. I commute from the 180s to the Southern end of the path, and have tried all the variants. Trust me; take RSD.

  • When is the construction under the bridge supposed to end? I know it says ‘until Dec. 31’, but the detour signs are still up. Next time I go running I’ll scope out the scene to see if the barrier tape is still up. What exactly are they doing anyway? It’s been going on for ages. It’s getting really annoying.
    Also, prior to the actual detour signs going up in December, there was indeed construction going on under the bridge. Tractors were frequently across the path. Apart from that, there was so, so much automobile/truck traffic on the path going down almost to 125th St. If you have your ipod going it’s really, really frustrating. I know they’re just doing their job, plus we’re in the colder months, so I suppose they expect less pedestrian traffic. But it is indeed a pedestrian path. Very frustrating.


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