Carfree Cities Conference Kicks Off in Portland

The World Carfree Network’s Towards Carfree Cities conference is underway in Portland, Oregon this week. Now in its eight year, it’s the first time the event has come to North America. Streetsblog EIC Aaron Naparstek made the trip, along with others from The Open Planning Project Livable Streets crew.

TOPP’s Nick Grossman is live-blogging the conference, and if we can get Aaron off his rental bike we’ll have coverage on Streetsblog as well.

Photo: Nick Grossman 

  • They are providing a live feed for those of us that could not make the trip.

  • Shemp

    The flyers confirm the impression that these things are mainly an assemblage of Times Up and critical mass types.

  • mike

    Shemp – It’s called “humor”. And what are “Times Up and critical mass types”?

  • @Mike:

    Obviously Shemp meant those with bikes 🙂 (we’ll leave it at that, won’t we Shemp?)

    I had the chance to go to the Public day yesterday and let me tell you– there were some interesting things thrown around. The conference workshop seminar I attended was a “carfree families” workshop and was pretty enlightening. All types of people were represented- but it seemed that the stereotypical hippie crowd was in the minority.

    That being said they DID have serve vegan. :-\ But you know? I never thought I’d say this, but I tried hummus for the first time and I LIKE it!



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