Today’s Headlines

  • Fingers Point as Traffic Plan Runs Aground (NYT)
  • Congestion Pricing Still Alive, Barely (News)
  • Resigned Mayor Turns His Eye to New Issues (Sun
  • Mayor Blames Albany Inaction for Traffic Plan Gridlock (NY1)
  • 30+ Years of Trying, Still the Politics of Pricing is Impossible (Streetsblog)
  • Sewell Chan has Yesterday’s Blow-by-Blow (City Room
  • Senate Minority Leader Malcolm Smith Defends Intransigence (Daily Politics
  • Supposed Defender of Mom & Pop Business Gloats Over Plan’s Demise (Lipsky
  • Brodsky Trashing Congestion Pricing on Brian Lehrer… Again (WNYC
  • Revolving Door: Consultants Work for Developer and the ESDC (AY Report
  • Study Recommends Overhaul for Empire State Development Corp (Sun)
  • Road Raging Driver Murders Young Cyclist (
  • Six Years Later: Dick Cheney’s Energy Taskforce Revealed (Wash Post)
  • nobody

    Forget Lipsky, he has no legitimacy, and no integrity. He does not represent small business.

  • Niban

    “Silver said he thought a deal had been reached at 2 a.m. yesterday. A source close to the speaker said the mayor nixed the handshake agreement several hours later.
    In response, City Hall released an e-mail from Bloomberg’s chief negotiator, Deputy Mayor Kevin Sheekey, to the mayor at 1 a.m., which said the parties were leaving Spitzer’s office for the night with no deal.”

    The sliminess and immaturity of Sheldon Silver is disgusting beyond belief. An assemblycritter through and through.

  • mikes

    My fav quote is at the end of the NYTimes article –

    “I just don’t think they hold the legislative process in high regard anyway,” Mr. Brodsky said. “They see it as an obstacle to getting things done.”