Eyes on the Street: Horse Lane?

West 90th Street Bike Lane between Columbus and Central Park West

This is one use of the new bike lane on W. 90th Street that I did not expect to see. I’ll leave it to someone else to submit this to MyBikeLane.com.

Photo by Glenn McAnanama

  • HorseyGirlBKLYN

    Thanks to the cyclists for letting us borrow their lanes.

    The handful of equestrians in NYC would be mad not to use the bike lane. The typical brush-back or plain ole clueless driver who drive too close for comfort for cyclists, might spook the hell out of even an old nag.

    Generally, cyclists are much nicer about sharing their roadspace than motorists, who sometimes even honk when they are stuck behind a horse, as if were supposed to curb our mounts like a dog.

  • Mark Davis

    I am deffinitely for sharing the bike lane with horses. but getting kicked by a horses hind legs freaks me out. this is more of a problem with police horses. They park them perpendicular to the road.

    Once a motorist said to me “don’t you know you have to follow the same rules I do?” I said “yes, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to share.”


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