Tuesday’s Headlines: Don’t Forget To Vote! Edition

Photo: David Poe via Flickr
Photo: David Poe via Flickr

As a few folks have noted, the last gasp of summer, when many families are trying to squeeze in a few more good times between camp and school, is not exactly the most opportune time to hold an important primary election. New Yorkers already had a primary in June, and many voters may feel kinda been-there-done-that. (The City reports that early voting turnout stank.) Or perhaps your head is spinning from so much redistricting.

Doesn’t matter. If you haven’t gotten your butt to an early voting site, today you must make an appearance at your official polling place. (Ah, for the old metal booths with their heavy levers and acetate curtains—voting will never feel so final without those crunches and clanks!)

Ah, for the satisfying crunch of yore! Photo: Joe Shlabotnik via Flickr
Ah, for the satisfying crunch of yore! Photo: Joe Shlabotnik via Flickr

Make your choices and be counted! As we’ve learned recently, the franchise might not forever be guaranteed. Vote as if your life depended on it, because it does! Street safety (among a great many important things) is always on the ballot.

Streetsblog, being a not-for-profit, doesn’t endorse candidates, but we can report on what the movement does. We covered StreetsPAC’s Albany endorsements here. StreetsPAC Executive Director Eric McClure also made his personal preference known in the heated race for the 10th Congressional District:

In other news from a slow news day:

  • $7 million in “greenway bucks” will study the expansion of bike paths in underserved parts of The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. (amNY)
  • Outside Magazine tells the epic story of Lauren Davis, a cyclist who died under the wheels of a car in Brooklyn in 2016 but who was “erased” by a system that didn’t want to investigate her death.
  • So sad: There is a vigil in Sunset Park at 6 p.m. tonight for Brooklyn deliverista Yener Rodas, who was fatally stabbed during a robbery. (Via Twitter) The Daily News got the story of the crime and the family’s anguish.

  • Finally, McSweeney’s sees dark comedy in the death-defying feat of riding in a bike lane.


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