Wednesday’s Headlines: No Impeachment News Here Edition

Photo: Pelosi via Twitter
Photo: Pelosi via Twitter

Look, we’re news junkies like anyone else, but until Nancy Pelosi impeaches Donald Trump for the high crime of never riding a bike, we’ll stay focused on fighting for livable cities and will leave D.C. politics inside the Beltway. As far as we’re concerned, Democrats should have started their hearings at the first sign of trouble: When Trump ordered the removal of a Capital Bikeshare rack from the White House grounds.

method madness coverAs an aside, StreetsblogUSA freelancer Aaron Short’s delicious new oral history of Trump (right, co-written with Allen Salkin), “The Method to the Madness: Donald Trump’s Ascent as Told by Those Who Were Hired, Fired, Inspired — and Inaugurated” (All Points Books) does not feature a single recollection of Trump having ever ridden a bicycle.

But for now, we’ll let the pundits thrash it out on cable news. Here’s today’s news digest:

  • Gothamist published former Streetsblogger Brad Aaron’s overview of the city’s parking crisis — and by “crisis,” we mean there is just too much damn parking in this town.
  • The Daily News gets action on its asbestos-filled bus depot story.
  • Like Streetsblog, the Post’s David Meyer covered a Council bill to mandate overnight deliveries.
  • Several outlets added more detail about the death of Abdul Bashar, the 23rd cyclist to die this year (NYDN, amNY)
  • The Post followed Streetsblog’s coverage of a key Vision Zero court victory for the de Blasio  administration — yet framed the common sense right-of-way law as “controversial.”
  • When it comes to subway crime, it’s unclear what MTA Chairman Pat Foye is talking about. (Gothamist)
  • NJ Transit CEO won’t rule out fare increases. (NJ Globe)
  • Like Streetsblog, the Post covered the death of a pedestrian on Flatbush Avenue early Tuesday. But unlike Streetsblog, the Tabloid of Record used a pejorative in its headline. Shame.
  • Garbage is everywhere in Boro Park, thanks to a lousy job by a private Carter (BoroPark24), but the local council member is blaming the Department of Sanitation (Kalman Yeger via Twitter).



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