Police Search For Fatal Hit-and-Run Driver Who Fled Queens Crash On Foot

The hit-and-run driver fled on foot and left his mangled Lexus at the scene. Video: CBS2 News.
The hit-and-run driver fled on foot and left his mangled Lexus at the scene. Video: CBS2 News.

A hit-and-run driver fled his car on foot after fatally striking a woman’s car early Tuesday morning in Queens, killing the 72-year-old passenger and sending the 56-year-old driver to the hospital.

Police say the hit-and-run driver was heading west on 111th Avenue when he blew through a red light at 126th Street and plowed into the victim’s Honda CRV, which then rammed into a 111th Avenue storefront at about 1:15 a.m.

The impact sent the 72-year-old passenger, Gilda Lascano, flying out of the vehicle. She died at the scene — just feet from her 126th Street home. Paramedics rushed the 56-year-old woman to Jamaica Hospital in stable condition, but with trauma to her body, police said.

The hit-and-run driver abandoned his 2004 grey Lexus SUV and fled on foot, heading west on 111th Avenue, police said.

Cops had no description of the man or his age, but say they are investigating. Police also could not say if the man was speeding or drunk when he fatally plowed into Lascano — which is often a reason some hit-and-run drivers flee the scene. The penalty for drunk drivers who kill is higher than for hit-and-run drivers who kill.

But stalled legislation from Brooklyn Assembly Member Joseph Lentol would make penalties for the two crimes on par with each other so that drivers are not incentivized to flee the scene.

“We have to equalize the penalty because usually a person thinks the better course of action is to run away from accidents, especially if they’re intoxicated,” Lentol told Streetsblog.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

  • adrian

    Amazing to think there are drivers out there who think they’ll get in some kind of trouble just because they kill somebody with their car.

  • Emmily_Litella

    On a fresh green, always look both ways before entering an intersection. I don’t know if there is data on this, but I would bet most red light running happens in the few seconds after the light changes.

  • Jayme

    The gray car we running 90 mph.. the lady in the red had the green light to herself and was making a turn to drop off her co-worker. It doesn’t appear to be a flesh green light ma’am.

  • Shala

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