StreetsPAC Endorses Mark-Viverito for Public Advocate

The Feb. 26 election "presents an embarrassment of riches," the group said in a statement.

Former City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito. Photo: William Alatriste for the NYC Council
Former City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito. Photo: William Alatriste for the NYC Council

The main political action committee on livable streets issues has endorsed Melissa Mark-Viverito for public advocate, citing her enlightened, forward-think approach to street safety.

The Feb. 26 ballot “presents an embarrassment of riches in the quality of candidates, especially when it comes to the critical issues of making our streets safer and our public transportation better,” StreetsPAC said in a statement.

The group conceded that Rafael Espinal was a “rising star.” It celebrated Ydanis Rodriguez’s “sterling record” in leading the Council’s Transportation Committee. And it cheered Jumaane Williams for his activism.

But StreetsPAC settled on the former Council speaker for the following reasons:

“Under her leadership, the Council transformed from a body that often resisted safe-streets initiatives to one that instead pushed City Hall and the Department of Transportation to do more,” the group said.

“And her support for passing congestion pricing to help solve the twin crises of insufficient transit funding and crippling gridlock dates back more than a decade. So it’s no surprise that she chose ‘Fix the MTA’ as her party designation for this special election.”

The endorsement continues:

We believe Ms. Mark-Viverito’s experience in managing the Speaker’s office will help her transition quickly and seamlessly into the role of Public Advocate, and we’re confident that she has the gravitas to serve as a counterweight to the Mayor, when necessary.

As Public Advocate, she’s committed to working with the City Council to address placard abuse, holding City Hall accountable for the expeditious rollout of the Fair Fares program, and ensuring that the planned expansion of the Citi Bike system happens equitably as well as speedily.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Can’t get past that extra 1,000 officers for the NYPD to do its job on street safety. Followed by more of the same and a demand for 5,000 officers in addition.

    More for those who already have more seems to be the way you get ahead politically, but it isn’t exactly a profile in courage.More for those who already have more seems to be the way you get ahead politically, but it isn’t exactly a profile in courage.

  • SteveVaccaro
  • glennmcan

    I totally forgot about Milk burger. Nice walk down memory lane.

    Melissa is the real deal. She has my vote

  • I would have thought that Ydanis Rodriguez had the best record on safe streets issues. But I suppose that his recent failure to protect the Dyckman Street bike lane has to count against him.

  • Linda

    lmao. more example of the coziness of politics amongst some of the Bike PACs gangs and their esquire #1 commenter here. Ranting non stop about disparate and absurd and abusive and dangerous nyp d enforcement and it is thanks to HER that there are 1300 MORE of them out there and salries and overtime and pensions and abuse and confiscations etc etc. #anyonebutviverito

  • Linda

    YASSS!!! #anyonebutviverito

  • Larry Littlefield

    These days it’s a lot easier to make the case against someone that for someone. But if you are concerned with the growing crunch of dollars at a high tax burden with unmet needs, stuff like that is pretty infuriating.

    Imagine this was a recession and the need for tax increases and service cuts was being admitted, rather than deferred.

    And this was the biggest “win” of her political career — over the objections of both the Mayor and his police commissioner.

  • redbike

    I’m enthusiastic about Mark-Viverito, and I’m glad to see StreetsPAC’s endorsement as well as the acknowledgment that there are other worthy candidates.

    Worth adding: the 26 Feb election is likely to be one with low voter turnout. Commenting on Streetsblog, I suspect I’m preaching to the converted, but I’ll say it anyway: Vote! And urge those who are eligible but sitting this one out to get off their butts!

  • cjstephens

    I’m still voting for “Abolish Thisjob”. The Public Advocate is nothing but a waste if taxpayer money. Shame on any politician who seeks out this job.


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