Is New York ‘America’s Fairest City’? Not to This Delivery Worker

wilfred chan

On Friday, scores of delivery cyclists and their supporters rallied at the Midtown North stationhouse to protest abuse of working cyclists by the de Blasio administration, which regularly touts New York as “America’s Fairest City.”

We asked Wilfred Chan, 27, a former delivery worker and organizer for the Biking Public Project to give a succinct takedown of the mayor’s progressive vision, which has resulted in the abuse of hundreds of workers through ticketing or confiscation of their bikes.

His soft-spoken critique is well worth three minutes of your time:

  • Joe R.

    The more of these interviews, the better. The people of this city need to have a human face put on the delivery workers they helped sic the police on. They do a thankless job for low pay. As if that wasn’t enough, they have to deal with all kinds of weather, robbery, and police harassment. Maybe time to start a new movement. #NoMoreFeetOnOurNecks

  • Ishamgirl

    They should follow the rules, many of which don’t. They run stop signs, red lights, don’t care if pedestrians are crossing the street. Zero sympathy for them.