What Does This Delivery Worker Think About Mayor de Blasio’s E-Bike Crackdown?

Worker activist Jinhua Li explains it all to us.

jinhua li still

Earlier this month, Streetsblog had a chance to talk with Jinhua Li about Mayor de Blasio’s ongoing e-bike crackdown. Here’s what he had to say about the $500 fines, bike confiscations and daily struggles of the thousands of workers who are just trying to keep their customers satisfied:

  • Joe R.

    This guy needs to run for City Council. We need more people who lived life in the trenches, instead of in ivory towers, making the laws.

  • AnoNYC

    Low income immigrants getting screwed over on behalf of pearl clutching insiders.

    How progressive…

    And he’s right. eBikes are not responsible for the serious injuries and deaths on the streets of NYC. It’s a crime that these people are being targeted because they are low hanging fruit without substantial political support. Gotta blame someone.

  • PDiddy

    The city that has the biggest chance of making the bicycle the primary mode of transportation should be embracing ebikes not outlawing them. Grinch like behavior from mayor and those who pushed him into the crackdown.