It’s Over! Street Safety Impediment Marty Golden Admits He’s a Loser

This is how we'll remember State Senator Marty Golden — pretending to be a cop to intimidate a cyclist. Photo: Brian Howald
This is how we'll remember State Senator Marty Golden — pretending to be a cop to intimidate a cyclist. Photo: Brian Howald

Here are some words we no longer have to write ever again: “State Senator Marty Golden.” “Street safety pariah and eight-term incumbent Marty Golden.” “Republican powerhouse Marty Golden.”

You can finally — officially — add “former” to all those adjectives describing the Bay Ridge Republican and, yes, street safety pariah, who on Monday conceded his re-election race to safety advocate Andrew Gounardes, who was ahead when polls closed on Election Day and never lost that lead.

“I congratulate Andrew Gounardes and wish him well in his service to the people of the 22nd State Senate District,” Golden said in a statement issued Monday, after the Board of Elections’ ongoing count of 1,800 or so absentee and paper ballots failed to close the 1,100-odd gap between the Democrat and the Republican.

“Although we came up just short this election, I am grateful my career in public service has been full of much success as a police officer and as an elected official,” Golden continued. “As I think of the future, my supporters, neighbors and friends can be sure that I will still always look for opportunities to make our neighborhoods an even better place to live, work and raise a family.”

For his part, Gounardes issued a statement via Twitter thanking voters and describing himself as “humbled by their trust in me to be our community’s voice in Albany.”

He was also conciliatory towards Golden, thanking him for “his many years of service to our community.”

Gounardes has to be diplomatic because he’s a politician, but Streetsblog is not. Golden’s “service” consisted of an almost all-out war on efforts to make our streets safer and more livable. So here is how we will always remember Marty Golden:

Here he is trying to undermine speed cameras.

Here he is getting caught speeding multiple times while still claiming he supported speed cameras.

Here he is impersonating a cop to intimidate a cyclist.

Here he is siccing a lawyer on street safety advocates.

Here he is arguing that pedestrians are the problem.

Here he is fighting so that people can park in what should be bus lanes.

Here he is not supporting a reduction in the speed limit.

Here he is going full berserk to protest a proven street-safety improvement on a roadway in his district where several people were killed and maimed by speeders.

Here he is running down a pedestrian, who later died having never left the hospital.

It all adds up to one thing: Marty Golden is now retired.

  • Reader

    Streetsblog should follow up in a few months and make sure Golden’s parking placard gets taken away.

  • Josef Taylor

    I’ve been curious for a while: why the careful avoidance of saying that Golden killed Hariklia Zafiropoulos? Is there some contention which would cause that to be libelous?

  • Alan

    I’ve heard he’s likely to retire to Florida posthaste, where he’ll be able to park freely and his driving record will be pretty much average

  • Vooch

    Should also always mention the $750,000 payment Marty made to the deceased’s family.

    a enterprising journalist might make a big splash discovering how Marty came up with $750,000 cash to pay the hush money

  • Allison Blanchette

    Looking forward to the 2019 Streetblog article about Marty Golden caught on camera phone impersonating a sitting Senator.

  • Jacob

    The odds of this happening are nearly 100%.

  • Joe R.

    All these politicians magically become rich after being in office for a while. I’ll be following the career of Alexandria “I can’t afford the rent” Ocasio-Cortez to see how quickly she becomes a multimillionaire on a Congressperson’s salary. My guess is it’ll happen before her term ends.

    I should have went into politics instead of engineering.

  • Andrew

    Here are some words we no longer have to write ever again: “State Senator Marty Golden.” “Street safety pariah and eight-term incumbent Marty Golden.” “Republican powerhouse Marty Golden.”

    Golden is still State Senator until Gounardes is sworn in in early January.

  • Wilfried84

    “I look forward to going to Albany to fight for affordable health care, a livable wage, a world-class education system, pedestrian safety, an MTA that is reliable, accessible, and accountable to all, and equal protections for all of our citizens.”
    I think Gounardes is the first politician I’ve seen who’s put pedestrian safety in his top five talking points; public transit is one of them too.

  • NYCBK123

    Overjoyed with Marty Golden’s loss. All is owed to the livable streets advocates for this win. However, I am disappointed by the changing tone of this website. Please consider changing this title. It is petty.

  • JohnBrownForPresident


    Gersh is finally bringing the tone we need to streets issues – strong, passionate, aggressive, not mealy mouthed “reach across the aisle” tripe. Keep it up Gersh!

  • KeNYC2030

    It’s a pretty safe bet that Gounardes would not have prevailed but for the financial and on-the-ground support of StreetsPAC. The PAC was responsible for 73 canvassers, many of whom volunteered multiple times, knocking something like 5,000 total doors in Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights and Marine Park. This in addition to $30,000 raised for Andrew. StreetsPAC endorsees went 12 for 12 on Nov. 6, but this was the sweetest victory.

  • djx


  • DoctorMemory

    “Marty Golden concedes, says he’s looking forward to spending more time running over his own family.”


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