Marty Golden’s Cadillac Has Been Caught Speeding in School Zones Three Times in 2018 Alone

The speed camera program that Golden is trying to destroy has tagged his car for 14 violations totaling $700 since 2014.

Photo: Brian Howald
Photo: Brian Howald

In case there was any doubt: State Senator Marty Golden does not care if speeding drivers kill more New York City children, mothers, and fathers.

Forget the lies Golden told about supporting more speed cameras for New York City. Forget the idiotic proposal floated by Golden and his Republican colleagues in the State Senate to substitute stop signs for cameras. It’s all just a smokescreen.

Without the cameras, Golden and his law-breaking PBA buddies will once again be able to speed through school zones without paying $50 fines. That’s the endgame if the Senate doesn’t reconvene to renew and expand the speed camera program in the next few weeks.

Golden’s Cadillac has racked up 14 violations for speeding in school zones since 2014, for a total of $700 in fines. Three of those violations have come in the first half of 2018.

Golden’s rap sheet of reckless driving predates the speed camera program, which went live in the second half of 2013. In 2005, he killed 74-year-old Hariklia Zafiropoulos with his SUV. Last December, he was caught using his parking placard to impersonate a police officer to bully a cyclist out of the bike lane he wanted to be driven through. Afterward, queries of New York’s open data portal revealed that Golden’s Cadillac had been tagged by cameras for a dozen speeding and red light violations in a three-year span.

A normal person would be shamed by such a record coming to light. But not Marty Golden. While safe streets advocates were lobbying to get speed camera legislation passed this session, Golden was racking up more speed camera tickets. In March, April, and May, his car was tagged for traveling 11 or more miles per hour over the speed limit in a school zone, during school hours.

The most recent violation occurred on May 10, two days before the Daily News quoted Golden dismissing proposals to expand and extend NYC’s speed camera program as “non-starters.”

Golden has accumulated more speed camera violations than 97 percent of the car owners in New York City. Under City Council legislation proposed after a habitual reckless driver killed two children in Park Slope, he would be well on his way to having his car impounded.

The impunity that people like Marty Golden used to enjoy before speed cameras went live is the reason New York needs unbiased, automated enforcement. Before the cameras, Golden could always get out of a traffic stop by flashing his placard. Rather than change his own behavior, Golden means to take away the only meaningful speeding enforcement tool the city has.

Don’t let him get away with it. The city is united against state legislators who are prepared to let people die to spare placard-holders from $50 speeding fines. You can help by calling Governor Cuomo to demand that he bring lawmakers back to Albany to pass S6046C/A7798C.

  • Larry Littlefield

    “Golden’s Cadillac has racked up 14 violations for speeding in school zones since 2014, for a total of $700 in fines. Three of those violations have come in the first half of 2018.”

    The red light cameras ticket those who enter an intersection a fraction of a second after a light turns red.

    Isn’t it true, in contrast, that the speed cameras only ticket those who exceed the speed limit by a significant amount? That’s 11 or more miles over the speed limit according to the post, which is what I remember. He beat that three times this year?

  • Andrew

    Assuming BdB were to decide to grow a spine, couldn’t he implement a policy that revokes parking placards from serial traffic offenders like Golden?

  • Reader

    No joke. Mayor de Blasio should absolutely take Golden’s placard away and point to his school zone violations as the reason. A stronger mayor would get in front of a camera and say, “We must do everything it takes to protect our city’s children. Senator Golden has proven that he can not be trusted to not speed in front of schools. New York City can not sit idly by and let him put kids at risk.”

    This is a nobrainer and advocates should demand the mayor do it now.

  • Andrew

    What difference would it make in practice? Plenty of the placards out there are fake, but they work just as well as the real ones in fending off tickets for blatantly illegal parking.

  • Reader

    The news coverage of it would make a difference and keep this issue in the press. All hands on deck here.

  • Andrew

    Good point.

  • Tero Paananen

    Correct. You really have to try pretty hard to get a speeding ticket with those school zone cameras.

    Not only that, but if you don’t know where those cameras are in your regular route, you’re also a moron…or you just don’t give a shit, about traffic safety and/or your money.

  • Hey, hey Marty G, how many school zones did you speed thru today? I’ve been chanting this to @SenMartyGolden. Hope it makes his PR guy crazy.


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