Marty Golden Fatally Wounded a Senior With His SUV in 2005

Hariklia Zafiropoulos, 74, was crossing Third Avenue in 2005 when Golden hit her with his Chevy Blazer. Zafiropoulos died a few months later.

State Senator Marty Golden
State Senator Marty Golden

Twelve years ago State Senator Marty Golden ran over a 74-year-old woman with his SUV on Brooklyn’s Third Avenue, a few miles down the same street where, on Monday night, Golden impersonated a police officer while brandishing his parking placard in an attempt to bully a cyclist out of a bike lane with his chauffeured Cadillac.

The woman died soon after the crash. NYPD blamed the victim.

Hariklia Zafiropoulos was crossing Third at 84th Street in Bay Ridge in August of 2005 when Golden hit her with his Chevy Blazer, according to reports by the Times, the Daily News, and the Post. She was walking home from church with her sister and the collision caused her head to strike the pavement.

NYPD told the press Zafiropoulos crossed against the light. However, no media reports that we found indicated how police concluded that the victim did not have the right of way. Instead, reporters emphasized that Golden remained at the scene, seemed concerned, and visited the victim in the hospital.

The Post reports that Zafiropoulous died a few months after Golden struck her.

In the State Senate, Golden has repeatedly used his position to limit NYC’s life-saving speed camera program. Unlike human police, speed cameras don’t let motorists with parking placards off the hook for violations.

Open data searches prompted by Monday’s incident turned up a number of speeding and red light-running tickets issued to the Cadillac Golden was riding in.

Golden’s office did not respond to Streetsblog’s queries concerning the incident on Monday night.

Streetsblog filed a freedom of information request for NYPD files related to the crash that injured Zafiropoulous.

  • Maggie

    The corruption on display, and the contemptuous entitlement to kill one of your constituents and STILL speed through school zones in your own district, while blocking life saving speed cameras – that’s staggering. What a shitheel.

  • Komanoff

    Gotta love how Golden’s Monday aggro-fest on Brian Howald shreds the popular but never statistically proved “killer-driver remorse” model whereby motorists who have taken a life straighten up and drive right forever after.

  • HamTech87

    Is this a state-provided car and driver? Shouldn’t Attorney General Schneiderman be looking into this?

  • HamTech87

    I wonder if his sense of entitlement is tied to his previous job as a NYPD officer?

  • Ken Dodd

    Yeah I was hoping that someone was going to point out that the “investigators determined she crossed against the light” statement was more than likely BS fabricated by the cops to a) cover up for someone with political connections and b) save themselves the effort of a criminal case.

  • r

    If Marty Golden used his status to abuse his power in an interaction with a cyclist, one has to wonder if he’s used his status to abuse his power in other ways. Has he gotten out of tickets before? Did he lean on NYPD investigators to clear himself in this woman’s death? The Brooklyn DA should absolutely investigate here. In the meantime, Marty Golden’s parking placards and taxpayer-funded cars should be taken away until such an investigation is complete.

  • And he’s done a host of other shitty things that indicated an abuse of power in other realms. Jokes about gay people. His female etiquette class debacle a few years ago. I can guarantee that he’s got more skeletons in his closet, and he’s just stupid enough to get caught. Maybe this crap can be drudged up, now that’s 2017 and we’re holding people accountable for their abuses.

  • Vooch

    1) Marty Golden retired with a disability pension in 1983 from PD.

    99% chance that’s a bogus claim

    2) He killed a woman while driving some years ago. His buddies in the PD gave him a get-of-jail card.

    3) at least 80 moving violations recorded with his car. wonder how many points that is on his DL ?

  • 1ifbyrain2ifbytrain

    I read the NYTime’s description of when he killed the woman in Bay Ridge. Middle of the day, broad daylight, how fast and or preoccupied would he have to have been to do this?

  • Larry Littlefield

    God forbid I were in his shoes, I would never drive again. Just injuring someone would be enough.

    I did get a red light camera ticket when the first came out. I had been underestimating how fast the light turned from red to green, and caught a tail red by a split second. I changed the way I drive, and haven’t gotten one since, which is probably the idea.

    I wonder if all those red light tickets were off the bat, or ongoing?

  • JarekFA

    I got a half dozen camera speeding tickets the “second” to last time I drove in NL. I wasn’t speeding by much and the fines weren’t too expensive (going 110 km/h in 100 km/h zone –> $30). But yah, I drive the speed limit whenever I drive in NL.

    And every time I’ve actually drive in a city center in NL (AMS/Rotterdam) merely reaffirmed my desire to never drive again in those city centres if it could be avoided. The whole time I’m scared to death of hitting someone on a bike. And it’s also a slow go in a car.

  • vnm

    What was his stated disability?

  • Vooch

    Munich has red light cameras scattered like confetti everywhere with a threshold of 10%

    in a 30km zone ( 18 mph ) they ‚blitz‘ you st 20 mph.

    they also set up random cameras.

    result ?

    1/4 the traffic violence vs. NY

  • Vooch

    unknown – this factoid was in one ofv the old media outlets; very telling

    my guess is lower back pain – it’s impossible to challenge, all one needs is a friendly MD to sign off

  • Isaac B

    Cycling antagonists (Brooklyn’s Dov Hikind, for example) often say “The statistics underreport the number of people killed by cyclists. That’s because a cyclist can hit someone, break their hip and lead to their decline and death months later.” Of course, only cyclists do this, motorists never do.

  • Joe R.

    I’ve heard the LIRR is even worse. Nearly everyone retires early on some kind of disability pension.

  • Joe R.

    It’s a stretch to call that the cause of death. What if you have a job which leads to worn joints, eventual decline, and death? Did the job cause your death, or just wear and tear?

    It’s also very rare for a cyclist to cause broken bones in someone they hit, at least directly. Broken bones are caused by blunt force trauma. The speeds and relatively low masses of cyclists generally can’t cause blunt force trauma. Most of the people killed by cyclists fell and hit their heads on a hard object, basically what you would call a rare, freak occurrence.

  • bluecanary1

    He “fatally wounded her”? Good lord, change that stupid headline. He killed her. Period. Quit using such weak sauce language.

  • strangemonkey

    Is that a rhetorical question?