FACT: People Drive Too F’ing Fast

Carnage. Photos: Gersh Kuntzman
Carnage. Photos: Gersh Kuntzman

In case you needed any more evidence that people drive too fast, here’s today’s submission to the ever-bulging file:

At around 10:45 on Tuesday morning, the driver of a white SUV heading northbound on Bay Parkway near 82nd Street struck the front bumper of a smaller SUV that had jutted over the double-yellow line on the two-way street.

The white SUV struck the smaller car with such force that the car flipped at least once, landing in the middle of Bay Parkway.

Crash on Bay Parkway

I spoke to the driver of the smaller car, who said he didn’t see much because his airbags deployed at the moment of impact. He admitted that the very tip of his car may crossed the double-yellow line as he veered to allow a bus to pull out of a stop, but said the white SUV was being driven at a very high speed.

“There’s no way he would have flipped over like that if he had been going slower,” the driver told me.

Other witnesses said the driver was removed by the FDNY with the so-called Jaws of Life. Streetsblog will try to find out his condition.

A run of the driver’s plate through HowsMyDrivingNY revealed that the driver had 15 parking violations in 2018, but no moving violations. The driver still owes $480 of the $1,025 charges in parking tickets.

One person has died and 102 people have been injured in crashes on Bay Parkway between 81st and 86th Streets since 2012, according to city statistics.

  • Joe R.

    An SUV. Why am I not surprised? When I see people driving like complete assholes, it’s almost always one of the following:

    1) Black or white SUV
    2) BMW
    3) Private sanitation truck
    4) Access-A-Ride van
    5) Anything with TLC plates

    Feel free to add to this list.

  • 6) Tour Bus
    7) UPS truck
    8) Fed-Ex Truck

  • 1ifbyrain2ifbytrain

    9) School bus

  • crazytrainmatt

    10) Tinted windows and internally mounted emergency flashers. Is it an unmarked cop car on his way to being a hero? An off-duty cop enjoying a perk in his personal vehicle? Or just a DIY VIP?

    I’ve been a lot of places and have never seen this so frequently as in NYC.

  • Jeff

    To me, the worst offenders are Half-SUV-Half-Station-Wagon with Florida license plates–bonus points for license plate frame from car dealership in Bay Ridge.

  • Brian Howald

    HowsMyDrivingNY can’t return moving violations. They are not made available through NYC Open Data.

  • William Lawson

    11) Drivers of Jeeps

  • qrt145

    It does report speed and red light camera violations, but not moving violations caught by a cop.

  • Brian Howald

    I know; I built it. Camera violations aren’t considered moving violations.

  • qrt145

    Yep, I was just trying to say that I think what Gersh meant to say was that this car didn’t have speeding/red-light camera violations. Just a technicality, since whatever you call them, the car is certainly moving during those violations! 🙂

  • Brian Howald

    You’re right. I believe that the distinction is whether it is charged to your driving record as opposed to being assessed to the vehicle owner.

  • Norman Edward Brown

    Gotta give a shout out to Audi here, the vehicle featured in this crash. I think people who buy and sell German vehicles think that they come with their own personal Autobahn where they can drive as fast as they want wherever they want. Their advertising products encourage that fantasy (not indulged in Germany off of the Autobahns). But Jeep and Land Rover owners are never far behind.

    All of these vehicles get and deserve special treatment from the Insurance Companies. For future research/reporting it would be nice to see how the Insurance value the different vehicles with regard to driver behavior. So much of this behavior could be remotely monitored by the vehicles ubiquitous GPS systems and have their drivers charged accordingly.

  • AnoNYC

    Access-A-Ride drivers are so terrible. I mean really. They should be number one.

  • AnoNYC

    Louisiana isn’t that common a plate in NYC, but stay away from those. Generally cars with southern plates have drivers that are used to cruising around at least 60 MPH everywhere.

  • Joe R.

    I didn’t put the list in any particular order. I just added things as they came to mind. I totally agree about the Access-A-Ride drivers. And black SUVs should probably be #2. Whenever I see someone doing a completely idiotic, dangerous, inconsiderate thing at least half the time they’re driving a black SUV.

  • Urbanely

    When I drive, I drive a VW Golf. Prior to that I had a Honda Fit, which I loved and would have purchased again. Why didn’t I? The new models have too many touch screen controls. Why do manufacturers insist on adding touch screens to cars when people are supposed to be paying attention to the road? For the record, I don’t drive like I’m on the autobahn, despite my VW.

  • FivePoint

    That’s… not an Audi?


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