Police Search for Hit-and-Run ATV Rider Who Killed a 65-Year-Old Cyclist

Eucario Xelo was biking on Seneca Avenue in Ridgewood when a group of road ragers approached him from behind.

Eucario Xelo, seconds before being struck on Seneca Avenue. Video still: ABC7
Eucario Xelo, seconds before being struck on Seneca Avenue. Video still: ABC7

Police say they are searching for an ATV rider who struck — seemingly intentionally — a 65-year-old cyclist in Ridgewood last Tuesday, causing injuries that led to the senior’s death this weekend.

The four-wheeling road rager drove into Eucario Xelo as he pedaled west on Seneca Avenue towards Woodbine Street in Ridgewood just before 1 a.m. last Tuesday, NYPD said. The killer was part of a group of individuals on two- and four-wheeled motor bikes and he appeared to intentionally knock Xelo off his bike and into the street, according to surveillance video broadcast by ABC7.

Xelo succumbed to his injuries on Saturday at Elmhurst General Hospital.

“I saw the video and I saw again and again and I just can’t believe why why would they do that,” the victim’s daughter, Angelica Xelo, told ABC. “If they did it to my dad they probably did it to somebody, they’re going to do it to somebody else.”

Police are still searching for the ATV user who struck Xelo. The department did not provide a visual description of the perp, which is common when the agency seeks the public’s assistance in finding suspects.

Anyone with information is asked to call the NYPD hotline at (800) 577-8477 (TIPS). The NYPD says it protects the identity of callers.

  • It’s amazing that these guys, who were basically announcing their presence to the world with their obnoxiously loud vehicles in the middle of the night, are hard to find.

  • Joe R.

    This just reinforces my opinion that those who ride ATVs and dirt bikes are assholes. The rare times I hear those things coming up on me, I get off the street until they pass. The type of person who rides them is likely to bully cyclists just because they can.

    It’s a pity carry permits are near impossible to get in this city. What these jerks did is murder and attempted murder with the second cyclist. Any cyclist would be legally justified putting a cap in their brains in the interests of self-defense. That would have the bonus of improving the human gene pool.

  • HamTech87

    After seeing this poor older guy killed, how does Cuozzo not publish a retraction to his column???

  • They certainly are assholes. But the answer is not to empower ordinary citizens to shoot them. The answer is to expect the police to catch them.

    Once I was riding my bike along Clarendon Road in Brooklyn, I saw a guy on a dirt bike coming down one of the cross streets, and about to make a turn onto Clarendon in the direction that I was going. I also saw a couple of police cars and about three or four officers on the street a block ahead. The dirt bike rider was going to pass right by them. I was sure that this guy is going to get stopped.

    What actually happened was that the cops made no attempt to stop the dirt bike guy, or even to impede his progress. They didn’t chase him, which is somewhat understandable. But neither did they get on the radio and call anyone to be on the lookout for him.

    This really surprised me. It’s true that those officers were out there on another call. But someone was committing a crime literally right in front of their faces. If I had decided to walk by them while smoking a joint, then they would surely have stopped me. But someone using a dangerous, violent, loud machine to terrorise the entire community is not worthy of being stopped? It was hard to believe.

  • gneiss

    Again we see how misplaced traffic enforcement priorities of NYPD cause deaths on the streets. If they weren’t spending so much time impounding delivery cyclists e-bikes, maybe they’d have some resources to track down and confiscate these vehicles before the people driving them kill.

  • Joe R.

    Citizens already have the legal right of self-defense. In NYC they’re just not allowed to carry guns as a tool to exercise that right. They are however free to use whatever weapons are legal to carry in this city. Or to use objects not strictly intended for weapons as such. For example, I’ve thrown stones at people who threw stuff at me from their cars. Unfortunately (or fortunately for them) the car protected them. I hope that any damage done to their car (in one case a broken rear window) made them at least think twice about bothering cyclists in the future.

    Ideally, yes, the police rather than private citizens should deal with criminals such as these. The fact they didn’t at least make some attempt to deal with the dirt bike rider shows they’re not there to protect us. They’re just there to take reports on crimes after the fact. That leaves self-protection to ordinary citizens. Hence the reason I strongly feel NYC should relax its gun laws. They may have to eventually as I feel these laws will eventually be found unconstitutional. Note that I feel, as most citizens do, that the state has a right to impose reasonable restrictions on firearm ownership and use. That could include training requirements for the type of weapon you purchase, prohibitions to keep the mentally ill and convicted criminals from owning firearms, age restrictions, and so forth. The NRA stance is to totally oppose all restrictions. As such, I think they’ve shot themselves in the foot (pun intended), and encouraged places like NYC to make much more restrictive firearm laws to keep out guns from places where literally anyone can freely purchase one.

  • William Lawson

    Because he’s wretched

  • William Lawson

    They will be caught, and they’ll all go to jail. The clock is ticking for these moon-pointing gargoyles. They should start making the necessary preparations for a few years of the old mail bags.

  • JohnBrownForPresident

    because he’s human turd.


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