Today’s Headlines

  • No End in Sight for the NJ Transit Horror Show (Bloomberg)
  • Bicycle Delivery Workers Tell the Times About the Struggle and Risk of Their Jobs
  • De Blasio Signs Waste Equity Bill Curbing Garbage Truck Traffic in Overburdened Neighborhoods (News)
  • The Ultimate Power Move in Response to Albany Speed Cam Inaction: Ban Cars Near Schools (Curbed)
  • Resign Yourself to Broiling on Subway Platforms Every Summer From Here on Out (Voice)
  • Transit Scribe Dan Rivoli Talks MTA Politics With Brian Lehrer (WNYC)
  • Can Broadway Junction Handle All the Transfers From Canarsie During the L Shutdown? (Gothamist)
  • Dorothy Bruns’ Lawyer Expects Case to Go to Trial (Bklyn Paper)
  • Here’s How Parking Meter Rate Adjustments Play in the Queens Chronicle
  • SUV Driver Plows Into Tree in Pleasant Plains (Advance)
  • Old, Bumpy, Bone-Rattling Belgian Blocks Must Never Be Despoiled, Decree DUMBO NIMBYs (Bklyn Paper)

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  • ortcutt

    Why don’t subway stations just have more ventilation, you know fans, to exchange air to/from the outside? I would think fans aren’t really advanced technology. Regenerative braking is great and all, but why aren’t we talking about basic solutions? My understanding is that most underground MTA stations still rely the piston effect for ventilation, i.e. trains pushing air when they enter and leave the station.

  • Larry Littlefield

    “State lawmakers told New Jersey Transit leaders to stop saying it will take years to turn around the nation’s second-biggest commuter-rail operator and immediately enact solutions to poor service.”

    Great political strategy.

    Defund an agency for more than a decade, in part to cover up the and defer the damage from fact that you defunded public employee pensions for two decades.

    And then demand that a magic wand get waived and all the related problems disappear instantly, and blame the agency if it doesn’t happen!

    NJ Transit is right. It will also take decades to turn around the subway. Starting in a decade or two, when they have paid to the debt enough to actually get started doing it. Or after bankruptcy.

    Murphy should have taken my advice.

    Generation Greed will not stop making irrational demands to distract from its impact until people understand what that impact is. So you get this. And tax cuts for them that eliminate the federal deficit. Etc. “Why can’t I have what I want? I deserve it!”