Watch Simcha Felder Run From a Mother Who Lost Her Child to a Speeding Driver

Simcha Felder
Simcha Felder

Safe streets obstructionist Simcha Felder does not want to hear from the families of people killed by reckless drivers.

In Albany today, Amy Cohen — who helped found Families for Safe Streets after her son Sammy was killed by a speeding motorist in Brooklyn in 2013 — tried to present Felder with hundreds of constituent letters in support of the Every School Speed Camera Act, which would expand the number of speed camera locations in the city and extend the program, set to expire in the coming weeks, through 2021.

But as you can see in this video, Felder had no interest in those letters, or anything Cohen had to say:

The speed camera bill cleared the Assembly, and it reportedly has enough Senate votes to pass, but Felder is holding it up in committee. With just hours to go in the legislative session, his intransigence could shut down the program. If that happens, people will die.

Transportation Alternatives convened a press conference at the capitol this afternoon to bring attention to traffic crashes in Felder’s district, and to call on Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan and Governor Cuomo to move speed camera legislation with or without him.

Maybe that wouldn’t be necessary had Cohen been waving a check from the PBA instead.

  • Jeff

    So what’s Plan B? How do we make it clear that if the cameras go dark, speeding drivers still lose?

  • J. Geoff Rove

    What kind of people elect this guy ??

  • Scroller

    People who believe it’s their god given right to drive a mini van and park it wherever they choose.

  • Joe R.

    Plan B: NYC should put up cameras everywhere operating 24/7 which catch speeding, failure to yield, and running red lights. While these cameras can’t be used to fine drivers because they’re not approved by Albany, we can send the info to their insurance companies. Let the insurance companies decide whether or not to raise premiums of habitual violators (or perhaps refuse to insure them altogether).

  • William Lawson

    There is no logical way to interpret this scumbag’s actions other than to say that he doesn’t want drivers to stick to the speed limit and that he would actually hate to see fewer children killed. Doesn’t even sound that wacky when you consider the government is currently putting children in cages as bargaining chips.

  • William Lawson

    Old, vinegary, set in their ways pieces of shit.

  • Blake Morris

    Felder represents the most irresponsible amongst us. For everyone else, please support my campaign to oust Sen. Felder in the Sept. 13th State Democratic Primary. Check out my website at

  • AstoriaBlowin

    Street rebuilds starting around every school. Speed camera are great for the City since if they are in place they have an excuse not to do anything to reduce parking or redesign streets to improve quality of life and safety.

  • Jeff

    Insurance companies already have speed camera data. It’s public and can be queried by plate number. They’re not using it now, what would you do to change this?

  • Joe R.

    At present you only have a small number of cameras in operation at very limited times. Drivers are rarely caught enough to be considered a habitual violator by the insurance company.

    Let’s say we put up cameras at every intersection. Drivers would be literally under surveillance everywhere 24/7. Besides catching violations, the cameras would also have video records whenever there’s a collision. This would make it easy for insurance companies to determine fault. Bad drivers would no longer be able to hide behind the system. It would be entirely up to insurance companies whether or not to penalize such drivers with much higher premiums as they would now have irrefutable evidence of dangerous driving (whereas before bad drivers could slip through the cracks). My hope would be that under such a system bad drivers couldn’t get insurance, period.

  • neroden

    Corrupt Brooklyn power-brokers, and people who don’t pay enough attention to what an awful man the power-brokers are promoting.

    On September 13th, if you’re in this part of Brooklyn and are a registered Democrat, vote for Blake Morris, who is a decent person.

    Simcha Felder pretends to be a Democrat but caucuses with the Republicans — let him run on the Republican party line if he wants to caucus with the Republicans.

  • Jay

    With Technology today, all drivers have knowledge where speed and red light cameras are located, making them virtually ineffective. Enforcement of traffic laws, for example, illegal U-TURNS (especially on busy streets), double parking (especially on Fridays around local mosques and Gyro takeouts), cell phone and texting are more important. Also, let’s get the illegal motorized bikes used by Chinese take-outs off the streets. Police routinely just look the other way with these infractions, which make our streets more dangerous than if speed and red cameras are removed.

    If a motorist knew that he/she would receive points on his/her license, he/she would be much more careful.

    Felder may not be perfect, but he did deliver, by sitting with the Republicans, more for his district than other State Senator.

    If one examines Blake Morris, one would learn that he is a collection agency attorney who does not use his Brooklyn office address, but rather a Post Office Box for his business, supported Bernie Sanders (who never misses an opportunity to show how much he hates Israel and loves Palestinian terrorists), is supporting the campaign of the ultra-leftist Nixon, etc.

    Recent comments by Larry Blake Morris indicate that instead of uniting our community, he is dividing us by insulting Jews who support Felder.

  • Jay

    Anyone who ever challenged a bill, especially one from the doctor or hospital, knows how irresponsible and sometimes threatening collection agencies are in pursuing bills which are still being challenged.
    Blake Morris just happens to be a collection agency attorney.

    In the interest of openness, would Morris release the clients he works for?
    The voters need to know if Morris has any potential conflicts of interest.

  • Dorothy Berman

    Speed cameras are very effective. They have prevented hundreds of near fatal accidents near schools in the five boroughs. Yes, motorized bikes and distracted drivers are dangerous but not nearly as dangerous as speeding drivers. There are many more speeding drivers than Chinese take out deliveries and double parking offenders. Again, kids have been hurt and killed near schools because of speeders.

  • Belle

    Only when a tragedy happens in his inner community, and that person has $$, will he respond. He’s a dog. He holds up votes on purpose because he likes being in CONTROL. Its all about control, not about justice, not about genuinely taking care of people and thinking about the broader public good. Please vote for Blake Morris this September to oust this embarrassment.

  • Tina

    Can’t wait for the day Simcha Felder is out and Blake Morris is in. Maybe then our kids will be safe on the streets and we will have single payer health insured in New York.

  • Jay

    How about putting speed bumps around all schools which will slow down speeders?

  • Dorothy Berman

    Jay, speed bumps should be used with speed cameras not instead of. The bumps just slow down a car minimally. A threat of a fine works much better. I live near a public elementary school in Midwood and speeding cars have near misses every week. If a driver doesn’t speed he or she has nothing to worry about.