Today’s Headlines

  • Paul White: Dockless Bike-Share Must Come With More Street Space for Cycling (AMNY)
  • Related: We’re Looking at You, James Oddo (Advance)
  • Related: Developers Expect Dockless Bikes to Raise Transit Desert Property Values (Crain’s)
  • Brad Lander Wants Clarity on MTA Signal Repairs (KCP)
  • New LIRR President Phil Eng Speaks With the Times
  • NYPD Ignores Law Requiring Department to Reveal Fare-Beating Arrest Data (News)
  • Lawmakers Revive Effort to License Undocumented Immigrants (SOP)
  • Why Are Vehicles Used on Public Streets Capable of 100+ MPH Speeds, Again? (AP)
  • WSJ: Is Human Life More Valuable Than Street Parking? Who’s to Say!

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  • Larry Littlefield

    “Lander Blasts F Train Service.”

    Note to New York politicians. You are in no position to “blast” the government. You, the predecessors who were part of your political organization, and your union and contractor supporters ARE the government.

    Instead of blasting, they should be meeting among themselves and deciding if they have taken all they can and need to give something back. Or not.

    Leave the blasting to those unaffiliated with those who have done this to us.

  • bolwerk

    Brad Lander always struck me as kind of a cheeseball, but do you really want to police political rhetoric to that extent? It’s quite feasible that somebody could be elected who more or less agrees with you.

  • Rick Horan

    Blasting the government, MTA, DOT, etc. is a great start, but actually doing something about it is the real test.

  • Larry Littlefield

    “It’s quite feasible that somebody could be elected who more or less agrees with you.”

    Well after 35 years you sort of give up on that sort of thing.

  • Larry Littlefield

    What I don’t like about it is that the MTA was set up exactly so that politicians would have someone to blast about the consequences of their decisions, make to the benefit of their past backers.
    MTA officials get their position and perks in exchange for holding their tongues with regard to what they really want to say in response.

  • bolwerk

    Not even Paul Ryan? 🙁

  • Larry Littlefield