Streetfilms Shortie: Giving People on Bikes the Same Head Start as Pedestrians


Earlier this week, NYC DOT announced a pilot program to let cyclists use the same head start as pedestrians at 50 intersections with “leading pedestrian intervals” or LPIs, which give people a few seconds to establish themselves in the crosswalk before drivers get a green.

Since then, a number of people asked for a visual showing it works. So on the way home yesterday, I got a few quick shots and produced this short video explanation.

NYC DOT has been implementing hundreds of LPIs each year as part of the city’s Vision Zero initiative. The agency will study the results of letting cyclists use LPIs (first proposed by Council Member Carlos Menchaca), before deciding whether to make it permanent policy and expand the rule to other intersections.

  • Hugh Shepard

    Seriously who actually doesn’t already use an LPI? The “pilot” is useless because people are already using their common sense and going through the intersection during the LPI.

  • ganghiscon

    The pilot is useful in gathering data for all the non-believers before it is rolled out everywhere after the world doesn’t end.

  • Not useless at all. Because people are getting tickets for using the common sense practice. So NYC DOT is smart, they realize it is going on, they realize it is harmless and something beneficial. Then they pick some places to demonstrate it works just fine, then they expand it, which will save lots of bicyclists $$$ thru tickets they can’t get.

  • Marsha Hanchrow

    Do you really want to feed haters’ perception of scofflaw cyclists? I want that sign. I usually take advantage of the fact that we’re sometimes allowed to act as pedestrians, and ride on an LPI. Unfortunately, “usually” is very infrequent, because I can only think of one that I encounter. I would like to have something to point at when I start getting driver grief for my behavior.

  • Hugh Shepard

    What sign? Why would you get “driver grief” for using the LPI? I mean, drivers don’t lose out when you use the LPI. They are just stuck waiting for a few extra seconds at the red light while you go ahead with the pedestrians.

  • Hugh Shepard

    I’m also just pointing out stuff from my experience. Cyclists who use their common sense even though they are technically breaking the law are not “scofflaw”, they are normal people who make decisions based on the impacts of their actions. Drivers speed, violate right of way, and park illegally all the time. They are a little better at stopping at red lights than bicyclists, but that’s it. They are no less ‘scofflaw’ than cyclists, they just are more dangerous because they are operating vehicles that travel at a higher speed.

  • Marsha Hanchrow

    Of course all of that is true. I just want to be able to point to a very simple sign instead of yelling an explanation at a self-righteous cager.


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