Today’s Headlines

  • More Evidence That NYC Should Not Be in Business With Action Carting (BK Paper)
  • Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Fairest, Greenest Mayor of All? (NYT, Politico)
  • NY and NJ Are On Their Own With Gateway, Like There Was Any Doubt (PoliticoCrain’s)
  • Check Out the Upstate Olympic Training Camp NYC Straphangers Are Paying For (WNBC)
  • Center for an Urban Future on Outer Borough Transit: a “Crisis Without a Rescue Plan” (GG)
  • WSJ: Gridlock Is Mucking Up Cab Rides From Midtown to LGA
  • Move NY and RPA Pitch Congestion Pricing to Crain’s Readers
  • Patch Warns Motorists About Woodhaven Boulevard Bus Lane Cameras
  • Forest Hills COC Campaigns Against Life-Saving Queens Boulevard Bikeway (FHP)
  • Motorist Critically Injures Person Walking in Brownsville and Flees (WABC, WCBS)
  • Imagine Spending Your Life Filing Lawsuits Over Traffic Tickets (AMNY)

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  • bolwerk

    I wonder if Chris Christie has any sense of shame at all about how Gateway turned out. First he fucks ARC up, then he agrees to spend more money to get New Jersey less with Gateway, then he all but offers to dive nose-first into Trump’s ass crack after a comical primary performance, then Trump screws New Jersey and Amtrak over and Christie is left with a legacy of nothing but destruction.

  • bolwerk

    What’s the logic behind contracting out trash pickup anyway? No logic, just corruption? I get the logic of for-hire school bus fleets because the city might actually save the expense of caring for those vehicles during the several months a year when they’re not being used (assuming a private company could charter them out).

    But garbage? Some days are presumably busier than others – for instance, expect a lot of thrown away candy wrappers, flowers, and cheap wine bottles tomorrow. Still, the need to pick waste up is basically a constant thing 365 days a year. Seems to me that it’s something a dedicated civil service can handle more cheaply than a private company.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Shamlessness seems to be a qualification for public office these days.

  • qrt145

    “I wonder if Chris Christie has any sense of shame…”

    No. No need to read the rest of the question! 🙂

  • bolwerk

    Yes, you’re right. I don’t wonder. I’m just amazed he doesn’t, I guess.

    I should correct that sentence, but in the spirit of Chris Christie I won’t.

  • Adrian Horczak

    NY will need more money to fund Gateway. Another reason we need congestion pricing now!

  • Fool

    Throw it on the fire!

  • Fool

    The city does not perform garbage pickup for commercial/industrial buildings. (Despite those properties having a really high tax rate). So those buildings must choose from a approved list of commercial providers. The buildings pay providers directly.

  • bolwerk

    There’s no reason for New York to pay for Gateway. New York scarcely gets anything for Gateway it doesn’t already have.

    New York can get much more bang for its buck spending the same amount of money on literally any other proposed transit project within the city of New York. Even a total piece of shit idea like the LGA AirTrain.

  • Larry Littlefield

    New Jersey certainly isn’t going to pay for it, and neither will Rockland and Orange. Everyone is used to NYC paying for everything, and won’t settle for less.

  • bolwerk

    Yeah, you are probably right, at least for the present.

    But, man, Cuomo is made of Teflon or something. Imagine Bill de Blasio coming out and announcing $5 billion in transportation spending for New Jersey. Nobody puts it that way, but that’s basically what Cuomo did.

  • Vooch

    Il Ducé says he supports a 25 cent gas tax increase…,

    Speaking of No Shame


  • Larry Littlefield

    Forget it. You pay for yours, we’ll pay for ours, and we’ll cut out the middleman in Washington.

    If they want to pay for something pay for the needy, who can move from state to state. Infrastructure doesn’t.

  • AnoNYC

    But why maintain a broken system? Expand the DSNY and let them handle it.

  • Fool

    Because the city would rather collect taxes from the property owners, and taxes from the haulers, rather than incur additional costs.