Today’s Headlines

  • Cuomo’s Subway Caught Fire Again Yesterday (Post, News)
  • Charles Komanoff on What Lower Manhattan Stands to Gain From Road Pricing (Villager)
  • Gateway: Trump Ready to Risk It Out of Spite (Bloomberg)
  • More Coverage of NYC’s Disintegrating Bus System (AMNY)
  • MTA Renovation of Astoria-Ditmars Boulevard Station Won’t Include Elevators (AMNY)
  • News — Which Excused Crosswalk Crashes — Takes Hard Line on Fare-Beating; Related: Voice
  • Manhattan CB 7 Supports Congestion Pricing, With Caveats (Rag)
  • NYPD Makes Arrest After Motorist Kills Pedestrian at Avenue A and Remsen
  • Driver Injures Person Walking on Fifth Avenue in Midtown (Patch)
  • Damn Bike Lanes (Post, Advance)

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  • Fool

    The MTA’s fight with ADA has always been so fascinating.

    It is probably the most explicit example of the agency being unwilling to seek cost efficiencies.
    -Can’t actually build the elevators because the costs to construct and maintain are so obviously beyond compare to anywhere.
    -Can’t bring the costs down because that would anger labor.
    -So they just don’t build it, leaving an actually vulnerable group without access.

  • Flavanation

    One of the issues cited in the NYTimes “most expensive mile” piece was that there are just a handful of contractors bidding on capital construction projects. You’d think that with elevators, though, that multiple different contractors could bid on these projects, and compete against each other to deliver as fast as possible and at cheaper rates. Cost reform at the MTA will take time, but starting small with projects such as elevators, they could start getting there.

  • Larry Littlefield

    If every contractor is required to help pay for the underfunded pensions of construction workers who worked on Trump’s projects in the 1990s, when he didn’t contribute enough to the pension funds, and then got to retire early on richer terms, then every contractor will be overpriced compared with what people actually on the job are earning today.

  • bolwerk

    “Gateway” should be left between the feds and New Jersey, perhaps also the Port Authority, with New York neither assisting nor actively interfering.

    I’m not aware of a single other project in the country where one state is asked to lay out so much money for so little benefit for its own citizens. Cuomo is such a blithering idiot that he didn’t even try to get federal and New Jersey support for the cross-harbor freight tunnel, which actually benefits New Yorkers, in exchange for Gateway.

    Just pick any 10-figure rail project so much as discussed for NYC in transit armchair advocacy cricles over the past decade. SAS, RBL reactivation, QB super-express, any subway scheme to Staten Island, even BQX. Even Crowley’s $2 billion light rail scheme for 15,000 people. Pick what you think is the shittiest one. Whatever that project does or doesn’t do, its least optimistic projections probably move more New Yorkers than Gateway.