Deborah Glick Still Doesn’t Have a Position on Congestion Pricing

For 10 years, Glick has stood on the sidelines without getting behind any of the major proposals to cut car traffic in her Lower Manhattan district.

Assembly Member Deborah Glick’s district is choking on motor vehicles. Encompassing the car-clogged West Side neighborhoods between the World Trade Center and 14th Street, it’s an area that would benefit enormously from traffic reduction. But Glick has no position on congestion pricing, the policy that offers the best shot at traffic relief.

Ten years ago, when the Bloomberg administration made a push for congestion pricing, Glick never took a position either, instead issuing a long litany of complaints to explain her indecision, relying heavily on conjecture and misinformation.

It’s 2018 and traffic has only gotten worse in Manhattan with the proliferation of for-hire vehicles. But following the release of the Fix NYC congestion pricing recommendations, Glick has little to say about the prospect of reducing traffic by putting a price on the use of scarce road space. Legislative director Charles LeDuc said she is still “reviewing all of the congestion pricing proposals that have been put forward.”

Some details of the Fix NYC recommendations differ from previous versions of congestion pricing, but it’s the same concept: Put a price on driving into the city core to save people time, give New Yorkers a break from the unrelenting traffic burden, and generate revenue and momentum for transit improvements.

Over in the 52nd district, Assembly Member Jo Anne Simon is unmistakably a supporter of congestion pricing. So is Brian Kavanagh in the State Senate. And despite some equivocation, at least Yuh-line Niou and Richard Gottfried, who represent Lower Manhattan in the Assembly, say they support the concept of congestion pricing.

Council Member Corey Johnson’s district overlaps with Glick’s, and he’s one of the most enthusiastic congestion pricing supporters in local government.

Meanwhile, not even lip service from Glick, despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of her constituents rely on transit, not driving, to get around.

Unlike many other Manhattan representatives, Glick also never signed on as a supporter of the Move NY toll reform plan. For 10 years, she has stood on the sidelines without getting behind any of the major proposals to reduce the car traffic swamping the neighborhoods she represents.

  • vnm

    The overwhelming majority of her constituents get around via transit, and I’d say virtually all of them are bombarded by the side effects of heavy traffic. This should be a total, total no-brainer. What’s she waiting for?

  • vnm

    Hold on, I got it. I got it. She cut a deal with people from New Jersey to make it as cheap as possible for them to sit in long lines of unmoving traffic, growing more frustrated and angry with every missed light cycle and pointlessly leaning on the horn, and in turn they’ll repay the favor to her by ???

  • Art Black

    Disgraced Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver did not support congestion pricing.

    was Silver’s stooge, sitting comfortably in his back pocket while
    receiving the 3rd largest amount of funding dollars (after Silver
    himself and Rep. Dick Gottfried) in return for kissing Silver’s butt
    whenever he asked.

    are the facts why she cannot now even take a position.

    Oh, the fact she
    owns a car and uses it to travel to her upstate abode from the Village
    also is a factor in her decision, no doubt.

    as you state, she has done nothing to reverse the reverse toll on the
    Verrazano Bridge which is the prime reason for Canal, Varick, Broome and
    Hudson Street traffic congestion.

    Will someone please run against her this year and rid us of this useless, talentless person who has been feeding off the public teat for the past three decades.

  • Peter Engel

    I’m sure all the reasons that make Glick a political hack are valid. The fact that she owns a car is conjecture on your part. MoveNY wouldn’t impede any of these politicians one bit. They’d just bill it back to Albany.

  • baconbaconbaconbaconbaconbacon
  • Just Watching

    She has always been a dishonest politician and a horrible human being. Being impeached would be a kindness to all of us.


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