Today’s Headlines

  • Unlicensed Oil Truck Driver Kills Kevin Flores, 13, Biking in Bed Stuy (NY1; News 1, 2; Post)
  • Eric Adams Calls for Tougher Consequences for Companies That Employ Unlicensed Drivers (News)
  • Neftaly Ramirez Lawyer: DA Gonzalez Shielding Action Carting and Trucker Who Killed Him (BK Paper)
  • Victims of Sayfullo Saipov Sue City and State for $600M for Failing to Protect West Side Greenway (Post)
  • Stringer: No Time to Waste, NYC Bus Riders Need a Bus Action Plan Right Now (News)
  • Enacting Congestion Pricing Depends on Marty Golden, Simcha Felder, and Andrew Lanza (Crain’s)
  • Traffic Is a Tax on Poor New Yorkers (Fortune)
  • Should Value Capture Pay for Subway Expansions? (NYT)
  • GOP Gov Candidate Makes Hay Out of Bloated MTA Construction Costs Under Cuomo (Post)
  • Hakeem Jeffries: No Trump Infrastructure Deal Without Public Housing Funds (C&S)
  • Wondering How Subway Service Got So Bad? Watch This Times Video

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  • Larry Littlefield

    Stringer voted to drastically increase pensions in 2000, and lie about the costs for years. That’s the bus plan. Cuts to pay for that.

    Never forget that these politicians “fighting for the people” are the very people who sold out our future to benefit those who are now in Florida.

    Where does Stringer expect more money to come from? A magic wand? If if people were squeezed more, that would just mean more retroactive pension increases, or more spending Upstate. I don’t recall Stringer objecting to any of them. He wouldn’t dare.

  • ddartley

    “Unlicensed Oil Truck Driver Kills Kevin Flores, 13,” “Eric Adams Calls for Tougher Consequences for Companies”

    The city should go after companies who employ suspended drivers, like it goes after restaurants whose food delivery cyclists run a red light or whatever. Actually, it should go after those companies much more than it goes after those restaurants. But of course when it comes to streets, we govern based on the loudest ignorant carping.

    I don’t know exactly what Adams really said, but the DN piece makes it sound like he emphasizes punishing drivers more than companies. My way might be less emotionally satisfying, but I think it should be the other way around.

    ARE there criminal laws already on the books that punish companies (in this case, M&M Oil Corp. of Deer Park, NY, 718-493-4887) that pay people with suspended licenses to drive big trucks around city streets?

  • Vooch

    their insurance is powerful enough incentive – won’t cover unlicensed drivers.

    The simple solution is to have a system where insurance company is informed.

    behavior will change P D Q

  • HamTech87

    Was this video already shared on Streetsblog? Hate that it is not dated.

  • Andrew

    “Wondering How Subway Service Got So Bad? Watch This Times Video”

  • AMH

    How great that Fortune published the Komanoff editorial. Good stuff. I was amused that they mislabeled the Times Sq photo as being “downtown” particularly since their offices are ostensibly downtown.