This Week: Vote for Mayor, City Council, Borough Prez, DAs, and More

Who will call the shots at City Hall for the next four years?
Who will call the shots at City Hall for the next four years?

New Yorkers will go to the polls tomorrow and cast votes in races for City Council, borough president, district attorney, and of course mayor and other citywide offices. There are also three ballot measures, including the question of whether New York state should hold a constitutional convention — explained well in this Medium post (RIP Gothamist).

The most competitive races are in the City Council, but with Democrats dominant in most council districts, many seats were all but decided in the September primary. Still, there are a few council contests to watch.

Of particular interest is the 40th district, representing parts of Flatbush, where incumbent Democrat Mathieu Eugene received less than 50 percent of the vote on primary day and faces a challenge from StreetsPAC-endorsed Brian Cunningham, who placed second in the primary, on the Reform Party line.

Also expected to be competitive is the 43rd district, representing Bay Ridge, where StreetsPAC-endorsed Democrat Justin Brannan and Republican John Quaglione are vying for the open seat occupied by term-limited Vincent Gentile.

Gotham Gazette has a complete list of candidates citywide. The Board of Elections has info on voting locations. Polls are open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

With all the election excitement, don’t forget these other highlights from the Streetsblog calendar. Check the full calendar for more info on these and other events.

  • Tuesday: The Guarini Center and the NYU Environmental Law Journal host a panel, “Tackling Traffic: Options for Reducing Vehicular Traffic and Emissions on New York City Streets.” 245 Sullivan Street, Manhattan. 6:30 p.m.
  • Thursday: Alon Levy will talk at NYU about how regional rail in the New York region stacks up against best practices from around the globe. 19 West 4th Street, Room 217, Manhattan. 4 p.m.
  • Sunday: Volunteers with Transportation Alternatives are hosting a social bike ride across 72nd Street to demonstrate the need for safe crosstown bicycle infrastructure. East River Overlook, at 72nd Street and York Avenue. 10 a.m.

Watch the calendar for updates. Drop us a line if you have an event we should know about.

  • dave “paco” abraham

    Any Streetsblog readers from Ditmas Park, Flatbush, or Prospect Lefferts Gardens? If not, any readers know people in those neighborhoods? If so… please direct them to Brian Cunningham’s website and in particular his Transportation Issues page.

    This guys is night and day difference from the worthless incumbent on many issues, but the simple fact that he supports congestion pricing and has literally gone on bike rides with constituents is an abundantly clear sign that he would be a hug upgrade for district 40. The concern is that so few people will vote we’ll get stuck with another 4 years of a Do Nothing leader.


  • Reggie

    Not only did I vote for Brian, I did not vote for anyone who endorsed the ineffective incumbent. I got to the back side of the ballot in record time.

  • dave “paco” abraham

    Good strategy! Someone on the #bikenyc thread suggested writing in ‘Congestion Pricing’ for Mayor. I regret not doing that myself.

    The 40th district will be a nail biter at best. CM Eugene paid young kids to wear his face on shirts and give out flyers of his on the trains in the neighborhood this morning. It’s probably the first time he actually thought about mass transit in the least bit. If you know ANYONE in the district, make sure they vote today!


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