Today’s Headlines

  • For a Week, These Pols Will Deal With the Constraints of an Inaccessible Subway System (News, AMNY)
  • Manhattan DA, NYPD Bust Fake Placard Ring; Official Placard Abusers, Carry On (Post)
  • The Malliotakis Streets Plan: Take Money From Safety Projects, Spend It on Traffic Signals (Advance)
  • Who Will Be Anointed the Next City Council Speaker? (NYT)
  • Nine Injured When Van Driver and MTA Bus Driver Collide on Merrick Blvd (Post)
  • NJ State Senator Loretta Weinberg Open to Build-in-Place Expansion of PA Bus Terminal (Bloomberg)
  • Cuomo’s DOT Spending $110 Million on Kew Gardens Highway Interchange (TL)
  • 1st Precinct Commandeers Block of Varick Bike Lane for Parking (Tribeca Citizen)
  • Men’s Style Section Has Some Advice for Office Workers Who Bike Commute (NYT)
  • The Sun Has Delayed Staten Island Express Buses, Says MTA (Advance)

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  • Vooch

    re: kew gardens interchange expansion

    $110 million would build 220 miles of protected bike lanes tripling the PBL network.

  • AMH

    It really is infuriating to see millions blown on bigger highways when what Queens desperately needs is more human-scale streets.

  • AMH

    I’m glad the lack of ADA access is getting more attention, but that itinerary (going up the Lex to 125th and across to 8 Av to get back down to 14 St) makes absolutely no sense. From Grand Central, assuming they were stuck on the uptown platform, they could have taken the 6 to the E (although they should have transferred to the A/C at Fulton St to begin with).

    One way to open up a lot more accessible itineraries without building more elevators is a free transfer between the R at Cortlandt St and the rest of Fulton St. That could have been another route to 14 St.

  • Fool

    Well I was proud to see someone at least mention costs for elevators:

    “Now is exactly the time to take on those runaway costs,” said
    Councilwoman Helen Rosenthal (D-Manhattan). “We can’t ask that people
    with disabilities wait until the MTA gets its fiscal house in order
    before they do something to make it equally accessible for people with
    disabilities or others.”

    It literally ends up being a federally protected class against a NYC politically protected class (low productivity construction labor).

  • Fool

    Let’s be fair. Texas would have had that interchange finished in a year, rather than a decade and at a 5th the cost.

  • AMH

    Yes, construction costs and delays are THE main issue, from elevators to rehabs to new stations.