Today’s Headlines

  • NYPD a No-Show at DMV Hearing for Cop Who Killed Jack Koval (Gothamist)
  • Gateway, NJ Transit, NE Corridor Would Get Funds in Congressional Spending Bill (WNYC)
  • NYT to Cuomo: You Have a Chance to Get Penn Station Right — Don’t Blow It
  • Related: News Begs Trump to Intervene; Meanwhile, It’s Raining Sewer Water (Post, News)
  • WNYC Compares Gateway and ARC
  • Good News: Fines for Traffic Violations and Illegal Parking Are Rising (News)
  • Gothamist and Tri-State Blow Holes in Emily Smith’s Stupid CBS2 Bikelash Piece
  • MTA May Remove Court Square Station People Mover Rather Than Fix It (News)
  • Manhattan Institute Pitches Private Buses and Congestion Pricing (News)
  • So Long as He Isn’t Charged This TLC Driver Is Free to Flip as Many Cabs as He Wants (NBC, Post)
  • People You Share the Streets With (News, DNA, DNA)

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  • Vooch

    Gothamist article on the killing of Jack Koval is worth reading.

    very compelling eyewitness testimony and driver all but convicts himself.

  • Fool

    Plenty of articles today, which at their core, are anti-labor.

  • bolwerk

    The way to get Penn Station right would be to allow Andy to indulge his fetish for really large vehicles with a tank for a few hours.

  • Komanoff

    I heard on good authority earlier today that the CBS2 crew who put together the bikelash story earlier this week approached Gridlock Sam for a possible interview, but ditched him when he said he would present a counterpoint to their narrative blaming bike lanes for the slowdown in Manhattan CBD traffic flows. Sam was prepared to say, on camera, that the biggest factor in worsening midtown gridlock is the rise of Ubers and other TNC’s, not bikes or bike lanes.

  • Ken Dodd

    That drunken POS NYPD traffic cop who killed the girl on the Williamsburg bridge was going at 111mph at the time of the crash