Today’s Headlines

  • Rudin: Citi Bike Is Cutting New Yorkers’ Travel Times (News)
  • TimesNY1Post Speak With Transit Users Stranded in the Snow
  • Cuomo’s LaGuardia Traffic Plan Isn’t Working (Post)
  • Assembly Wants Transparency on Empire State Development Corp. Projects (Post)
  • Torres Bill Would Require City Agencies to Field Complaints Through Social Media (News)
  • Automated F Train Announcements Keep Straphangers Guessing (Post)
  • DNA Looks at DOT Plans for Willy-B Street Improvements
  • Port Authority’s GWB Bus Terminal Project a Disaster for Just About Everyone (DNA)
  • Sleep Apnea as Defense for Engineers and Motorists in Crashes — Post Spots Trend
  • The Preet Bharara Era: Reflections (NYT 1, 2) and Deflections (Post, News)

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  • bolwerk

    Re GWB: I don’t get the labor harmony idea. Are the unions too precious to be in the presence of non-union labor? You’d think they’d want to have non-union labor around to propagandize to when there is zero threat of the non-union labor undercutting them, as in this case. Unions are shitty at being unions nowadays.

    Some of that retail. :-

    Of the 24 local tenants that signed leases with the GWB Terminal, only Marshalls and Spectrum have built out their stores, with GAP and Blink Fitness expected to begin construction next month, officials said.

    The remaining stores slated to open — but who have not started construction — are Baked & Bowled, Café Buunni, Citibank, Credit City, Dr. Shine, Fine Fare, First Financial, Gateway News, Greg Moda, GWB Juice Bar, Hudson Local Eatery, Joyeria Pepe, Lulu Bakery, Nail Lounge, Pick & Eat, PNC, Reyes Optical, Ticketro, VistaCare and VS Berry Frozen Yogurt, officials said.

    What is Credit City? A check cashing place?