Today’s Headlines

  • Cuomo Taps Ronnie Hakim as Interim MTA Chief (AMNY, PostNY1, WSJ)
  • 85-Year-Old Driver Jumps Curb in Brighton Beach, Killing 67-Year-Old Woman (News, Post)
  • Marcia Kramer Called NY1 — She Wants Her Bikelash Script Back
  • Will the #DeleteUber Movement Jam Statewide Ride-Hailing Legislation? (Politico)
  • City Islanders Petition MTA for Better Service on the Bx29 (BxTimes)
  • There Were Two Separate 7 Train Derailments Over the Weekend (DNA)
  • DOT Adding Bigger Ped Island, Curb Extension, Crosswalks at Deadly Forest Hills Intersection (DNA)
  • Rave Reviews for New Rubber Pedestrian Island at Fourth and Atlantic (Bklyn Paper)
  • Staten Island Parents: Too Many Drivers Don’t Stop for School Buses (Advance)
  • Traffic on the North Shore Is About to Get Worse (DNA)

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  • reasonableexplanation

    Okay so what’s the issue with the SI parking garage? It’s not free (people here seem to like paid parking), it’s near a (future) tourist attraction but more importantly near the ferry.

    If this is used as a park+ride for folks going into Manhattan (instead of taking the bridge/Gowanus), isn’t that a good thing?

  • BubbaJoe123

    From the NY1 story – they seem to be fine quoting a violent psychopath:

    “For 13 years, Ben Bowman has taken part in a ritual all too familiar to city car owners who park on the street. Twice a week, he moves his Jeep from one side of West 68th St. to the other to make way for street cleaners.

    With space at a premium, things can get ugly, such as the time another driver snuck into a spot Bowman had been waiting to take.

    “I went to my truck and pulled out my tire iron and stood by his door, and I said ‘You can have this spot, but you’re taking a beating when you get out,'” Bowman said.”

  • Joe R.

    It’s a “better” thing than driving all the way but a really good thing would be more walkable development on SI near SIRT stations so people can walk to the train and take that to the ferry. Even having a boatload of bike parking (no pun intended) near the ferry, combined with more bike infrastructure, might be a more positive development than a car garage, paid or otherwise.

  • Jeff

    Yet we, the reader, are meant to empathize with him more so than the average bikeshare user.

  • redbike
  • reasonableexplanation

    I mean SI by it’s nature is a very car-centric boro. Walkable/bikeable development is nice too, but having good park and ride provisions for the ferry makes a lot of sense.

  • Boris

    “By it’s nature” Staten Island is a place of rolling hills and forests, lakes and meadows, wetlands and beaches, farms and villages. It has only been car-centric since zoned to be such in the 1960’s. The Wheel and development around it has the opportunity to contribute to a transit-centric Staten Island. There are already excellent park-and-ride provisions at multiple SIR stations and bus stops. And the ferry is already the single most transit-accessible location in the borough. Adding parking in what is already the densest area of SI is bad policy.

  • AMH

    “Things can get ugly” … “the car jumped the curb” … “a car hit a pedestrian”

    When a car is involved, no one has any control over their own actions!

  • Vooch

    Why park a few cars when one can house more people in same amount of space ?

    car storage subtracts from economic activity.

  • bolwerk

    The ferry vicinity may be a lost cause, but parking near transit usually retards the usefulness of the transit.

  • reasonableexplanation

    How will this parking garage retard the usefulness of the ferry? If one lives near the SIR already there’s no reason to drive to the garage, but if you live far from the SIR, this might be the thing that pushes you to take the ferry instead of drive over.

  • reasonableexplanation

    This is paid parking at a location that facilitates transit use into the city, but you oppose it.

    Is there any parking that you would support in Staten Island, or are you more or less against all car parking all the time, since the ‘you can build housing instead of parking’ argument can be used in every instance?

    Reading your comments, it seems to me the only car infrastructure you support would be the kind that is designed to deliberately discourage car use only, which is certainly a position you’re free to hold, but I’d argue is not really productive.

  • bolwerk

    It means more cars where people could be walking (or maybe even living). It probably also means more traffic interfering with existing buses.

    Well, I said it might be a lost cause. St. George is already a wreck.

  • Vooch

    I support highest and best use of scarce land encouraging economic activity. A parking garage discourages economic activity and reduces property values.

    Why blight a nieghnorhood with machines that reduce property values and kill jobs ??