Today’s Headlines

  • Opposition to Trump, Support for Immigrants Fills Manhattan Streets (Gothamist, NBC)
  • NYC Immigrants Are Already Living in Fear of Trump (Bklyn Paper)
  • Andrew Cuomo Offers a Conditional Promise to Protect New Yorkers From Trump (News)
  • Teen Driver Unintentionally Strikes His Grandmother in Floral Park Driveway, Killing Her (News, Post)
  • Hit-and-Run Driver Critically Injures Man at Ralph and Macon in Bed-Stuy (News)
  • De Blasio’s East Harlem Plan Should Upzone Affluent Parts of the Neighborhood But Doesn’t (News)
  • Andrew Albert Wants to Split A Train Service Between East and West Rockaway (Post)
  • Brooklyn Developers Will Run Their Own Shuttles From J/M/Z to BillyBurg Construction Sites (Crain’s)

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  • HamTech87

    After the Times’s apology to its readers for not doing a good job with Trump, here’s a transportation example where it misleads readers: Not always reminding readers that Governor Cuomo and the state government, not the mayor and city, controls the MTA and its subways? Here’s a letter to the editor where that fact goes uncorrected, with these excerpts:
    “I urge our mayor and city officials to focus on the issue of our unsafe subway platforms.”
    The writer also takes a swipe at Vision Zero, calling it “admirable but unobtainable” unlike the writer’s proposal to put gates and walls on the subway platforms.

    Now if the Times disagreed with this assertion, that would be one thing. But here’s Times reporter Emma Fitzsimmons stating that Cuomo controls the MTA just 3 weeks ago:
    “Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York, who controls the authority, has pressed officials to meet the December deadline, Mr. Prendergast said.”

    Here’s the letter:
    Here’s Emma Fitzsimmon’s Times article, with the statement in paragraph 21:

  • bolwerk

    Ugh, Cuomo. Wahhhh. I’m sick of these melodramtic mea culpa pieces. Trump is the fruit of 30 years of Cuomo-esque neoliberal incompetence, complacency, and indifference to people’s suffering. If you’re a politician and you think zoning is more important than jobs, a parking space is more important than an apartment, avoiding a debt is better than building a rail line, and poor people aren’t important enough to have good transit, and many other things you helped Trump. You didn’t give people anything.

    “In that effort, he will find New York a willing partner as the Tappan
    Zee Bridge, a new La Guardia Airport, a new cross-Hudson Tunnel, and a
    revitalized Penn Station continue to rise.” – basically, Cuomo wants to use Trump to do nothing useful for New Yorkers. Cuomo might as well invite Trump to go to Coney Island to make sand penises. This is how helpful he is.

  • Joe R.

    Very good points. For all the talk about how bad Trump is going to be, we’ve had supposedly friendly parties in power in the governer’s mansion, and especially n NYC, for decades. What have they really done for us? DeBlasio is turning into a disaster, Bloomberg was Guiliani-light, Guiliani gave us broken windows, Dinkins was mostly another disaster, Koch was competent but mostly kept the status quo. The City Council has mostly been an obstacle to more affordable housing and safer streets. We need a viable two or more party system in NYC. The arrogant liberal Democratic establishment has been in power so long now they assume they’ll get the vote, and don’t even make a pretense to trying to help anyone who isn’t politically connected. NYers shouldn’t vote by party. They should vote for the person. Having a (D) next to your name doesn’t make you a savoir of the working class. If these people have to actually work to earn our vote, maybe we might get something a little more useful than sand penises.

  • AMH

    I’ve heard that A/C service plan before. Can the tracks between Euclid and Rockaway handle more trains? In any case, good luck persuading the Lefferts crowd to part with their express service.

  • Mike

    This plan would be great for getting to JFK. Right now it’s hit or miss when a downtown A rolls into the station.

  • ItsEasyBeingGreen

    In a way this could be considered to benefit the people in the Ozone Park direction who currently use the split-A service. The C is probably a lot more frequent than the half-A they have now, and they can always switch to full-A where the lines meet.

  • AMH

    It’s difficult to figure out the frequency by looking at the schedule, but it seems you may be right. There is some pretty uneven service.